In the course of history many inventions have already established knowledge severely modified. Some inventions like the mannequin, which was a basic element for the development of something as important today as it is fashion. The mannequin is usually a personification of human size, made of plastic or metal to simulate a person's body to facilitate work on some tasks such as sewing, physical evidence or practice drills. The mannequin has its beginnings in ancient Egypt, where he forced a subject of the Pharaoh who had a similar physique, to pose for days to allow the items of this were the correct size. To the average age a person was replaced by a model, so to speak, made of rods which simulated with some similarities to the human torso.

At the end of that period and until the beginning of the century VXII developed the first modern mannequins. The first modern mannequins were developed in wood and plaster, this allowed the use of mannequins were exclusively dedicated to the production of suits, although they had a serious problem by not being mobile. Garments are trying to be removed easily damaged and when they were removed successfully folds showed some errors in the arms and hips. In the nineteenth century metal parts including the dummies allowed to obtain these mobility, thus facilitating the making of costumes. Another advantage brought by the inclusion of the dummy metal was the ease of dressing, so they began using as a showcase.

Today's mannequins different activities in different areas. Some of them such as: Dummy proof or Dummy: This dummy is designed for testing vehicle, or whether this is exposed to severe shocks to have a more accurate observation of the human body's reaction to the impacts aumovilisticos. Fashion Dummy: The manikin is designed to simulate the human figure, they also work now to show the elaborate costumes. medical Mannequin: is developed to simulate some factors that can make a person sick, some problems such as respiratory failure and heart problems, this utility is given as a new alternative for medical students. sexual or sex mannequin doll: These mannequins are designed to offer sexual services in some way, some people take it as a fetish or just a new tool for dummies. Currently, the technology also makes its contribution to the mannequins especially in the areas already mentioned, since the adequacy of systems that measure the impact force in the dummy, others that mimic human health problems or give movement to a mannequin in a store. These are the new technology makes contributions to the evolution of the dummy. In conclusion, the mannequins are presented as a useful tool for both design and to study, not to mention some of them may also satisfy basic needs such as sex.