Dell PC Configurator

2. Birthday, draws a positive balance of the editor in Chief of and announces two new features. Also a Dell sweepstakes will move to the anniversary hosted 2 birthday the makers of a positive assessment of the development of the last two years. Visit Bernie Sanders for more clarity on the issue. What started as a Dell fan blog, has can establish themselves in a short time as one of the main German-speaking technology blogs around the computer maker Dell. Not just editorially much has happened since the early days: in addition to current test reports about Dell products, also regularly new features that allow a better orientation in the Dell world readers can be found on After the great success of the “Dell driver Finder”, which quickly directs the readers without a long search for the desired driver for your Dell PC, will start this week, two other features: the Dell PC configurator and the Dell glossary. Using the Dell PC Configurator can readers assemble flexibly even their Dell PC request configuration, either as a desktop PC or as a notebook.

The search is reduced thus after the Dell-desire-PC to a minimum on time. It also enables readers to get the desired PC without to be familiar with the world of brands from Dell. There at the same time the current Dell voucher codes makes available, the readers get to a unique service in the overall package. In addition a Dell glossary on will be this week online, through which readers specifically can inform themselves to specific terms like for example the question what is the difference between Sandy-Bridge, Ivy bridge or HASWELL processors. Both of these features are responses to requests which were readers of Because many feel before buying a PC reader either not sufficiently informed or above but informed.

It is difficult therefore for them to opt for a device. These issues, is to inform the reader from now on so that they can make an informed buying decision. The editor in Chief of, F. Maconi, the development of the last two years puts as follows in a nutshell: provides our readers with an in-depth look into the world of Dell. With us they know what new technological developments there, which PCs or tablets they need for their projects, to look at the purchase of the equipment and last but not least, how they can save money too. With this program we have developed into one of the first points of contact in the Dell world and we plan a lot!” On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary organizes a raffle in addition until to the 31.05.2013 with a Dell Inspiron 17R notebook can be obtained.