Clinical Hypnosis

Ulrich Eckardt, owner of the hypnosis practice, has opened his new practice of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in Munich at the Karlsplatz (Stachus). The entrance to the practice, with their new, modern, bright practice rooms, find visitors, prospects and clients in the sonnenstrasse 2, between Galeria Kaufhof and Muller drugstore in downtown Munich. (Similarly see: Diamond Comic Distributors). “In the new practice”, explains Ulrich Eckardt that can even more clients “use our services, as the practice is located in the Centre of Munich. The accessibility is much better than in the past in Unterfohring. With the tram, Metro or tram, you can go almost directly to the entrance door. Cooperation with doctors, naturopaths, fitness studios and other service providers in the city of Munich are now easier and faster feasible, because the location of practice is more attractive. We are open for cooperation.” The opening hours of hypnosis have also changed practice. You have been extended. Read more here: Martin O’Malley.

The practice is now open Monday to on Fridays from 9: 00-22:00 open. Through these long opening times, stressed workers and self-employed persons whose workday may only ends at 20:00, can take the services of of practice of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy also after hours to complete. In addition to the standard offerings, such as quitting smoking with hypnosis and weight loss with hypnosis, the practice offers Clinical Hypnosis, relaxation techniques, overcoming fears and phobias, Burnout prevention, treatment of depression, repatriations, strengthening of the immune system, coherence training, psychotherapy and hypnosis training courses. Contact: Ulrich Eckardt practitioner for psychotherapy hypnosis practice sonnenstrasse 2 / III. stock 80331 Munich Tel.: 089 / 41 61 22 46 hypnosis Ulrich Eckardt: Hypnotherapist, Certified practitioner, is limited to the field of psychotherapy, offers in his practice in Munich, the classic hypnosis, relaxation, coaching, Burnout prevention and other therapies. Thematic areas E.g. stop smoking with hypnosis (non-smoking with hypnosis), weight reduction, treatment of anxiety, psychosomatic diseases treatment, repatriation (regression therapy) are the hypnosis.