People's desire to decorate your house is as old as it is natural. History of the frame goes into far antiquity. After all, sometimes even the most beautiful picture that represents the value as a work of art may look featureless, not "catchy look." And yet posters with reproductions or photographs will attract attention and take their rightful place in the interior of your home. So what's the reason this perception? It's pretty simple – any picture properly "dressed" in a baguette will always look better and more valuable than the painting, which has obvious shortcomings in the design. The thing is that many of us do not think about framing paintings as something very important, and take it for granted and does not require proper attention. But imagine the situation if, for example, the entire museum exhibition will be hung on the walls without frames in baguette The difference will be so obvious that the role of baguette-frame would be difficult to downplay. Using the design of its interior photos, paintings, souvenirs, embroidery, should see their role not as a matter of life and as something more – an object of beauty, a unique work of art. It's enough to give them a finished look – to conclude at a decent frame. The frame facilitates the perception of images, will serve as a decorative element and correct choice will demonstrate the unity of form and content.