And if you’re going to tip for their hard and perfect work, that before you go on vacation in Egypt, prepare a little stock of one-dollar bills. They’ll just come in handy there. One of the largest archipelagos of the world – Indonesia. Five large islands and More than ten thousand, perched on a small border the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Tours to Indonesia attract a variety of scenery and pleasant climate, unique culture and riot colors, beautiful beaches and high waves, as if specially designed for surfing.

Rest in Indonesia does not give you time to boredom, here there is always something interesting and exciting. Holidays in Cuba – is a fantastic opportunity to plunge into the world of tropical exoticism and learn all the features of color the life of this beautiful country. Amazing beaches, crystal blue waters purity, a huge variety of flora and fauna, the excellent conditions for fishing, coral reefs, the noise of the waterfalls – all this will give you a vacation in Cuba. It is no wonder that tourists from various corners of the globe come here to see the extraordinary beauty of these places. Indeed, if we look at a map and analyze the country’s geographical position, it becomes immediately clear that the holiday in Cuba will be just fabulous. So, on the south side of the country washed by the Caribbean Sea, the eastern side – Windward Strait to the west – the Straits of Yucatan and the north – the Florida Straits. The climate in Cuba – a tropical trade wind.

The annual average temperature here is 26 degrees. Rainfall in this country fall to a lesser extent in comparison with other countries in this latitude. Typically, the rainy season here is in May-August. Dry weather is observed mainly in September-April. The annual average water temperature is 26.2 degrees. When is it best to arrange vacation in Cuba? In principle, one can arrive at any time, because the temperature in winter and summer are a little different. When choosing a increasingly need to focus on is what season you are better suited – wet or dry.