Leather wedding – three years of living together is considered the first important stage, the relationship became very strong, but still not well established and flexible as leather. If you would like to know more then you should visit Martin O’Malley. Guests give leather goods – wallets, purses, belts, key chains, bags. Linen (wax) wedding – it is marked by four years. Flax is a symbol of wealth and luxury which could not afford many. Taken to give products of linen towels, tablecloths, sheets, blankets and so on. Binding decoration on the tables are beautiful candles.

Wooden wedding – the first solid five-year anniversary. Family unit was already strong enough, but the danger of fires (family quarrels) still exists. On the table must be at least one wooden object. According to an ancient tradition, if a wife this year will plant a tree, it will delight and great-great grandchildren. Spouses accepted to give a variety of wood products – wooden bowls, jewelry boxes, small furniture, wooden ornaments and crafts, spoons and dolls. Iron (mountain ash in Latvia, candy in America and Western Europe) wedding – mark the sixth year of marriage. Of the young in this anniversary as a cast – despite its apparent strength, brittle metal and from the impact it can crack.

By tradition, a symbol of Latvian family home is Rowan bunch that keeps love safeguard against ailments, brings to the family of his son. The best gifts this year are the cast-iron pots or pans, candlesticks and potted plants. Zinc wedding – who is rarely noted because it is celebrated by 6.5 years of marriage.