Welcome Back, With Over 7 Million Plates Sold!

Welcome back”, it is now over 7 million records sold and a name which program is a show of some other kind with a video that captivates the viewer with tingling eroticism. Other leaders such as novelist offer similar insights. S. For more specific information, check out john marlow ringcentral. sensuality (sensuality, sensuality) E. energy (energy) X. Xtasy (Ecstasy, joy, noise) appeal (appeal, appeal) S.E.X.Appeal (ex) E-rotic – Lyane Leigh, shines again in the glory of success and is now bringing the HIT single sensuality from the eponymous album from end of October 2007. The 5 energetic mixes, all of which come from different producers, give a sensational variety and power this Maxi CD, so that you can promise an absolute musical listening pleasure to a wide audience. Under warranty, the now again huge fan bases are not only in Germany in the sweat brought, because curious is expected the release of sensuality in the worldwide music business.

The CD with the video clip to the song is which all completed, by S.E.X.Appeal was shot with much sex appeal and a great show offers listeners this. The video is off immediately on all known video platforms as a sneak peek online, and soon of course on all major TV stations. S.E.X.Appeal sensuality / Maxi CD download platforms available end of October in all stores, and anywhere where there is good music. A limited edition incl. video from October 15, 2007, but only at! Current info / pictures / sounds always under: sexappealexerotic live Act: an energetic show, full of sensuality and crackling erotic. A force of attraction and appeal, coupled with the seductive voice of Lyane Leigh. A show that puts the audience into ecstasy with a noise-like State… “” “” The former E-rotic lead and Studio singer presents their greatest hits like Max don t have sex with your ex “, Fred come to bed”, sex on the phone”and Willy use a billy boy” but also fire current Vocaltrance songs from her new Album sensuality”. Supports professional dancer is sexy hot song show by 2. Info – booking – interview – jingles, now simply about the Agency: Succes ala carte Management S.e.x.appeal (EX) E-rotic Lyane Leigh homepage: email: andy.stern(at)succes-a-la-carte.de phone: 09099-301331 mobile: 0176-45036033