Radio silence. The same is true with Facebook, however, the traffic flow here holds a Hour longer on, as in the Twitter universe. From 16: 00’s is then but also here noticeably quiet. Bright, office hours! Considered one rush hour traffic and the daily round of shopping is almost self explanatory, that increases the traffic on Facebook once again at approximately 18: 00, and opens another window for effective postings about 7: 00. Until the news you should be ready for however, because then only the evening program runs even when the blue giant. The moment with the top traffic is according to study by the way Wednesday against 11: 00. Generally however, may said that the late morning hours on Facebook offer the best conditions for much-seen postings. No rule without exception, no strategy without a counter strategy, so also here.

The statistical values of this study must of course not necessarily match your experiences and the habits of your target audience and are therefore really only as a guideline. Learn more if you have a regular scrutiny to your throw own statistics and analyze so the reactions of your target group in relation to your online activities. Also: At peak times you fight with your posts against a seemingly vast competition and the chance that your information is actually perceived, is barely larger circumstances, than if you had from the outset moved a part of your postings in the times outside the top traffic. Experiment quiet. How to find the time Windows optimum for your posting.

The book on the subject of Jens Schluter social media for entrepreneurs: the 30-minutes-factor with guest contributions by Lars Schafer, Thorsten Hahn, Monika B. Paitl, Joachim Raj ear, Stefan Harmuth and a preface by Stefan Hagen. Jens Schluter in this book shows you how you optimally use the possibilities of social media marketing for your business. With a maximum of 30 minutes effort per day. In practice, to the point, no frills. Step by step realize the big picture and get your personal strategy to develop.