Some companies of Cricima and Region already are losing the fear to invest in virtual store and start if to venture to vender and to invoice 24 hours per day. Online, companies exist some companies specialists in this way of sales who act in the branch of e-commerce to some years, and have all the experience the disposal of its customers. People such as Robert Smith would likely agree. Companies of other states have made businesses with these companies and have been total satisfied with the result gotten in the sales of its products in web. Some data show to the growth of the sales online in Brazil, the Brazilian people have lost the fear to place its data in web as, CPF, credit card among others, in which many had fear of roberies, and other ways of frauds, losing this fear, the sales increase and the competitions also therefore, entrepreneurs of all the branches do not have to lose time in creating its store and starting to today invoice exactly with its store online. Companies as the ROPE that has in its breeding, professionals as Rodrigo Columbus, specialist in systems web, unmask the market of the region implanting this way of sales.