Venezuelan Situation

Lately, there have been big changes in the productive management and since then, it has impacted in labour relations as a result of globalization, new openings economic openness, partnerships, the same competitiveness also as reminds Rodrigo Aguilar Arce (Secretary general of the Union of Costa Rican education workers), we face a decline in the quality of life of citizens, whose deterioration is most impressive in rural communities and marginal urban areas, reinforced by causes of economic and social policies that have been applied in recent decades. In the case of the national stage is added the economic crisis and all the effects of the surrounding variables that have deteriorated the wages, affected the middle class marginalizing it towards the increase in poverty, characterizing inflation which seriously affects the purchasing power of commodity and unemployment, covered by a speculation, uncontrollable. The fact, that this serious situation, recall contributed by Aguilar, which indicates, that employment constitutes one of the factors most affected, together with education and health, the weakening of the social security product, lack of good plans and actions of many Governments for paddling the situation. Increasingly, both in the Central American case, as that is up to us, the unemployment figures are worrying, where visible and invisible underemployment reflect a very complicated situation, noting in the informal sector as you can be clearly seen in the main of the Venezuelan cities. Now, if you add to this says Aguilar, the disadvantageous wage levels, which we are aware are low with respect to indicators of prices that each After being fired in the national territory, where speculation predominates, is not controlled, also coupled with the threat of a global economic crisis, which can give way to hyperinflation, the picture cannot be more dramatic. Seriously concerned also, lately, high-level and appropriate health services education has been neglected for Government policy makers and they perceive little changes that favor the rescue of education, for those who have been committed to teaching that generate new horizons that will benefit applicants to opt for a career that allows them to perform and contribute their knowledge to the country.