Values: The Need For

The values are the main weapons we have to combat the social disaster that has been occurred over the past few years. The new educational reforms, so-called human values have been on the decline by trying to create a new social awareness which promotes abortion, extramarital affairs, murders, lack of respect for authority, both parents as police officers , symbols, etc. This is happening so gradually and systematically despite Oever a what is happening in our environment, we can not realize the change so disastrous that we ourselves a "society" we are succeeding. The new educational reform neglected subject that should be the principal at any grade level, or school choice, and this is due to more importance is given to matters scientific and logical thinking a "abstract such as mathematics, physics , chemistry, etc., matters are indeed important and essential for competent education both at home and abroad. But they have a olvidadoa or as it should properly be said, have left intentionally lost in oblivion as unique and irrelevant matters such as ethics and values, especially, the philosophy at all levels. More importantly diligent practice of them.

Education reform is so full of corruption and lies that could not give an honest and faithful to follow students; themselves suffering from lack of seriousness of the public and private institutions, students full of enthusiasm and longing, the utopian dreams same educational reform that slows that does not provide the necessary tools to face a real situation from the outside world (work), who tells them what course to follow, not showing them a way to explore a way to reason with logic and consistency so you can have new guides, new paths toward a modern way of research, new ways facing problems with radical solutions, oh no, institutions prefer passive minds, people who want to follow, do not want leaders, not to affect the personal interests with people who are in charge of them. That is why we have removed the bottom line, we have removed the free thinking, bombarding students with spots on television, in newspapers, on the streets telling them to do or where to go, we have fallen into the lies they preach newspapers, we believe what television tells us, news, etc.., but we did not analyze these messages, we are not aware of reality, as I said we realize just what they want to believe. We need a change, fight for free as thought, expression, ask to return the teaching of values, values such as honesty, identity, respect, friendship, patriotism, generosity and spirit of service, perseverance, loyalty, responsibility , discipline, solidarity. Let us demand that we return to ethics institutions, the teachers, and especially to students, preschool, primary, secondary, preparatory and technical high schools, universities, at all educational levels. Free education is what we are fighting, that guides education, to transform, education is really education. a AQUELLO EDUCA NOT IN SECURITIES IS NOT REALLY Educacio "Na HJ