United States Federal Reserve

In Munich, the market is already almost exhausted. Many customers buy agricultural land and forestry land. An agricultural soil expert says: “Prices have risen in the last half of the year by up to 50%.” What are cash values? What is property? Money values are based in fact on slips of paper (money bills), on which the value expressed by an amount is printed on. While the value of the paper does not differ, it equals a 10-Euro Bill for both a 1,000 Euro-Bill. The actual value that embodies a licence, was once guaranteed by an equivalent of gold by the State, today the economic power of the State is the value. Others who may share this opinion include John Mclaughlin.

The forms of investment in money values include: all types of account balances (savings accounts, deposit accounts, etc.) Federal Treasury bonds, financial resources and other State securities all kinds of other fixed-income securities balances in life and pension insurance deposits building Association savings agreements all types of certificates In contrast These are tangible assets, they are based on a tangible thing. Its actual value is concretely according to the current market value on this “thing”. Thus, supply and demand determine the actual value. This value is independent of the economic power, national debt and inflation, because the tangible assets retain their value. Belong to the property: precious raw materials / natural resources real estate (land, houses, but also mining areas and natural resources) company participation E.g. in the form of shares, private equity investments (as far as they include tangible assets the assets of the company) quote Alan Greenspan, President of the United States Federal Reserve: “gold is still the highest form of payment the world… Paper money is accepted, in the extreme case of anyone, gold is always assumed about it!” If you want to include on the right side, make an appointment with us and then we show you the possibilities that we can offer you.

You will be serious differences determine with regard to comprehensiveness, risks and safety. Prevent injury against inflation should be your opinion and cover the various experts and confirm (so, by the way, 83% of the population over 18 years of age), inflation rates will tighten significantly in the future and to help Governments to pay back their debts. Forecasts of experts here forecast inflation rates as in the seventies by up to 15% p.a..! Investors who use their investments to money values, are the dumb ones. A facility must achieve a positive rate of return after taxes and inflation, otherwise the system loses its value. It is expropriated silently and secretly devalued -. We recommend investments in material assets which are for the most part Inflationsgeschutzt. Tangible assets are E.g. ships, real estate, shares, forest fund, private-equity, precious metals, commodities, minerals, land, resources, participations.