The idea of using agricultural implements as weapon emerged in Okinawa approximately 350 years ago when the island was invaded by Japanese feudal lords, and they forbade the use of any weapon, either sword, knife, spear, bow, etc. One of these agricultural instruments was the nunchaku or chako, agricultural use is not very well known but there are three theories of how it was used: the first says that it was an instrument which women used to lower the fruits of the cups of trees, which were launched to break the union of the stem with fruit. In a question-answer forum Martin O’Malley was the first to reply. The second says that they were used as flange for horses, and the last theory and the most recognized says that it was only used pata threshing rice and soybeans. The primitive nunchaku was composed of two sticks joined by horse hairs, and that more late was incorporated him the chain, in order to stop the blows of sabers. Nowadays the rope is nylon and the size of is can be of various sizes According to the use that is le’s. Sticks measurement is of 40 cm.

approx. or according to the distance between the middle of the hand and elbow, in order to cover the forearm against any attack of stick or sword, sticks are hex or cylindrical in shape and material which is manufactured is wood or steel. The nunchaku is one of the most complete and effective weapons that exist against one or several enemies at the time, its management, its power of coup and its techniques, speed make it a much more complete than a knife weapon or a stick. It can hit as a baton and do lunges with the ends in front or they can also be made with the heel, chokes, levers, can be used with one or both hands. Today the nunchaku has certain legal restrictions and in many countries they are illegal porting it unless that is a martial artist, such as Australia, Chile, Canada, and United Kingdom.

There are variants of the nunchaku, sansetsukon than there is in China It consisted of a three sticks nunchaku, another variant of the nunchaku is kurama-bo this weapon is identical to a bo with the exception that at one end attached by a rope had a stick of about 30 cm, this is a very known weapon, another variant is yon-setsukon, it’s the same as an nunchacu but four sections and finally sanhokon like a nunchaku’s three sections only to the latterthe length of your clubs is shorter. The Nunchuks are by prediction is one of the most notable weapons in martial arts and of course has much see films in particular who attributed to that great aoje was undoubtedly a result in which the great Bruce Lee performance skills with this particular weapon within his films becoming the favorite among fans of martial artsThis gun should be split into two aspects in what is the filigree and what is technically since both are very different, perhaps a person may manipulate this element with its filigree but at the time of having to use it in a real situation suffering from technical to perform and exit adoso in important separate beautiful movements with the troops.