Together On An IT Branch

The Ulm IT company of ScanPlus refined the offering of Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom working business now for more than a year with system and software houses together, because while the strengths of the telecom network-based telecommunications, convince the partners through strong service and intensive customer relationships on the ground. John Mclaughlin has much experience in this field. To make tangible the great offer of Telekom customers and to offer them a tailor-made, customer-oriented portfolio, is also the target of the Ulm IT company of ScanPlus. ScanPlus had commercial connections to the Telekom since the company was founded. At first, these however were very unilateral nature, because due to their monopoly on the Telekom ran past in data networks and telephony. In the last few years started the Ulm IT companies however, to buy products from major providers such as Telekom and to customize them to the needs of their customers. We see ourselves as a kind of IT factory.

We are already for many companies and Authorities the first point of contact, when it comes to modern information technology, because we understand it, suitable for medium-sized businesses to refine products and flexible\”, explains ScanPlus CEO Jurgen Hormann. We can make the large offer of Telekom tangible for our customers and offer them a tailor-made, customer-oriented portfolio.\” The principle is very simple: ScanPlus buys products of which the specialists of the company are convinced, in large units and makes them suitable for its clients. With the growth of ScanPlus, offering advanced and the Deutsche Telekom AG was aware of the Ulmer. Since the SMEs in the IT products off the shelf often doesn’t get along, but due to their large structures not capable of Telekom, to seek, in niches or to respond to every individual request the cooperation of large, stable provider and of IT presented in the South of Germany was a corollary to almost.