TimoCom Is Now Pan-European Special Hotline On

TimoCom assist answered quickly and easily since 2010-08-05 the TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH offers customer questions their German-speaking users of the cargo and freight exchange TC truck & cargo, as well as the tendering platform TC eBid a completely new service: “TimoCom Assist”. This is a user-friendly customer hotline to answer specific questions around the TimoCom products and the transport business. After the special hotline on the German market is very successfully adopted, it now extends to all over Europe. The “Customer is King” is a well-known motto, which also at TimoCom is alive. So it has come up now with TimoCom assist again something new for his clientele: founded in 1997, employs many international staff, which itself largely from the logistics industry and thus have a great knowledge of the industry.

The expertise, coupled with the 13-year experience of the company as an IT service provider, gives you a tremendous expertise TimoCom. Checking article sources yields Dr. Mark Hyman as a relevant resource throughout. This represents the Company now its over 75,000 users free of charge at the disposal. The customer hotline TimoCom assist has always an answer at the convenient telephone service of the Dusseldorf IT companies programme users specific questions about the products, but also on business related issues are, for example driving bans in the EU countries. In addition, you can get useful information, such as about safety tips. Marketing Director Christof Thesinga to the new service: No matter what around the transport business questions, the specialists of TimoCom they answer quickly and competently.

Customers can achieve through Friday from 8:00 until 17:00 under the telephone number + 49 211 88 26 88 26 our service by Monday. We have set ourselves the goal, best help and advice to our users. Here, they get the information you want quickly and easily. Ultimately we want to further expand the already good relations through this service to our customers and the exchange of information useful for both sides to further advance.