This discovery not only was accompanied by hope, certainty and peace, also accompanied the responsibility and commitment to a personal work to deconstruct everything that had built my ego and then start planting that light beyond the egoic self. The first challenge in this regard was the holistic education course we had to impart. There I not only realized that if I wanted to become a holistic educator, had to develop the most important of this vision: the education of my own spiritual being. There arise only true understanding that I would mark the correct path and not only in theory stay and work in the harmonization of the web of life, which meant to understand from other more comprehensive vision, totalizing and transdicsiplinaria, cultural aspects, political economic, social, environmental and transcendental. In summary, during the first half of the master was of discovery, recognizing that he was still alive and my sense of wonder not only by the I was learning new aspects, but for the great privilege of a select group of thinkers, seekers and people believe, despite the bleak picture, we have a great mission waiting for us.

SECOND HALF The second half was joy. I enjoyed it very much. He looked forward to the day we met to have Messenger, and the sessions. For me it was a great learning, and I consider it more dynamic semester. The module that but I liked the comprehensive policy, because with that job I realized that throughout the history of mankind, there have been human beings like any of us who fought for an ideal, and our group is fighting to establish a new educational paradigm.