The Swabians

Many men see talking about their feelings, rather than emotional weakness could later use the woman against them. Sexual intercourse optical Yes also appears as proof of dominance. Many men see one as an obvious good food, etc. subdominant life-‘Partner’ to. Jeffrey Walsh may find it difficult to be quoted properly. “The Swabian with female critics do: is not criticised enough praise!” “” The Swabians also say: I love you! “instead of I love you!” “The masculine orientation of our language leads away from the verbs (activity, process, subjective), to the nouns (noun, object): not: the perpetrator was interrogated!”, but conducted the hearing of the offender! “we ent to personalize our language.” or here held the Entpersonalisierung of the language. Includes also ‘man / woman has…’ instead of ‘…’. Men talk more deductive:! Women talk about it more inductive:? For women, this is then a more frustration.

You accept the language of the partner as the their own discussion style, but feel this way of talking as reporting, lecture, monologisieren. They feel it so when their partner with them, but they talked over. An example of D. fir trees for Between men and women, that shows the major problems, I would like to quote communication problems at this point. A related site: idt energy mentions similar findings. The conversation takes place during a car ride: the woman asks: “Would you stop somewhere like, what to drink?” Her husband had truthfully answered “No!” and stopped. Frustrated he noted later that his wife was upset, because she like to somewhere would have made rest. Women tend to not specifically expressing their wishes, but instead bring an approach to negotiate what could please everyone. They are used to involve the interests of the partners, the formulation to keep common Entscheidungen.Diese to formulate type open calls but the sensitivity of the partner. Because men usually very much direct and exclusive reveal their needs (the man said maybe: “I make a coffee break!”), they are not capable of the meta-communication to negotiate what like everyone could to understand the statement of the woman.