The Structure Of The Premises

In modern life, family needs in everyday life are different, they depend on changes in cultural and material level of a family, so you can say that the lifestyle of the family is not constant. In the process design is not possible to satisfy the requests of each family, so the model project is calculated for the average family, respectively, of such projects is small and they have not changed. Several generations of our country grown under conditions of socialism, under the influence of the respective ideologies and attitudes. Hence the common features of the style of life and livelihood of people who grew up during that era. See Ultra Wellness Center for more details and insights. The design of modern typical apartment overlooks the fact that the modern family to equip and about the same, as well as take into account the demographic type of family, by creating a separate architectural and planning types of apartments. Not every apartment, even if it's planned well, can be considered a full-fledged housing. In addition, it is important to a reasonable improvement, rational distribution of functional zones, the establishment of comfort and together with the original interior of the apartment. Functional areas can be separated and can be combined. The two main functional areas are divided into: zone daily activity and recreation area and sna.-day activity in the area is front room, living room, kitchen and pantry. It should be conveniently combined with the entrance to accommodation, facilities for processing and storage of products.