The Performance Is Right:

Zieltraffic AG expands in the Netherlands of the online marketing specializes in performance marketing agency Zieltraffic expands in the Netherlands. Munich – specialised in performance marketing online marketing agency Zieltraffic consistently further in 2009 continues its strong growth and expands in the Netherlands. The establishment of Zieltraffic AG in the Netherlands has recorded with effect from 01 February 2009 the operating activities in the Hague. Michael Chabon is likely to agree. Robertus J. Heuvelings leads the fourth foreign location of Zieltraffic as Senior Vice President Sales BeNeLux. Heuvelings was our preferred candidate”, says Werner Kubitscheck, co-founder and for human resources and internationalization responsible Board of Zieltraffic AG. Heuvelings has the optimal mix of online marketing. expertise, best contacts in the financial industry and ample sales experience” Zieltraffic opens up in the boom market for online marketing for Kubitscheck obvious reasons for the step in the Netherlands are Netherlands: all relevant figures, for example, the General Internet usage, broadband connection penetration or the use of online banking showing that the Dutch market made for Zieltraffic is.” So almost three quarters of all households in the Netherlands had already a year ago over an Internet connection.

A survey of statistics authority of the Netherlands Centraal Bureau voor de statistics”also shows that 30 percent of it already with a broadband connection to the Web go, what was at the time of the study in a European comparison synonymous with the second spread. 2007 used also already 65 percent of the Dutch online banking. Zieltraffic is the market leader for online marketing in banking and financial services industry”, says Kubitscheck. Therefore, the Dutch market for us due to its high banking density is very attractive. Our goal is to it, already in the short term many new customers with our industry expertise and our success model, the responsible success fee model, acquire.” The responsible success fee model provides the customer only pays for communicating clearly measurable success criteria such as new customers or the placement of new prospects. Zieltraffic is also for all of the media costs in advance, and assumes the full risk for the success of the campaign. More information, see work_solutions/fee model of Robertus J. Heuvelings: Vertriebsstarker online-marketing expert is the Dutch subsidiary of Zieltraffic Zieltraffic won a designated specialist for sales and online marketing for the direction of Zieltraffic Netherlands Robertus J.

Heuvelings. The 43 comes from Quion Groep BV. Heuvelings was also for many years as a consultant for the financial sector and is therefore very well networked. I’m looking forward to the challenge, to add a further, Dutch capital to the success story of Zieltraffic AG”, says Heuvelings.