Lives, yuyo verde matita and flowery with a yellow flower on a bit of MOSS above the black pavement born. Love, love, yellow color of Sun with grillo strident loving life from the darkness trying to smile of Sun in spring postcard. And the child sees her and excited and love softens it and take between her tender fingers to the flower; and the guard between the best pages of his notebook starts it of its stem happy and happy better. Florcita’s Yellow Sun, drawing of spring loves, love, yellow cries MOSS that wait. No longer a florcita that pleased; has the sadness of pavement It no longer has the MOSS to the yuyo matita in flower that reminds you that the Earth continues beating past below, with equal force.

Solcito de Primavera, pavement florcita your departure at the matita of humble yuyo cut life. Between two pages, forgotten, a yellow florcita solcito of spring, between two pages, forgotten, death flower hopes. Boy 1.35: Sun lost in silence chocolate hills. The wind is a white horse mane to wind through escalating without times times galleries. The Moon, the night flower petal, falls on the still pond which is believed Lake. A whistle cut the distance and lost heading to either side.

Boy walking you’ll by my dream gomera waist, blonde bangs your eyes they are two lanterns illuminating the sky. Boy you look at another world you have another dream why Contigo was Wroth blind fate? Boy, always happy, naive boy, between my sleeping toys lie asleep. Boy hands of luna front of pure silver where the echoes are crumbling on the folds of butterflies thousands of butterflies fly covering your sleepless and smile without laughter you’re lost in labyrinths where nobody can follow you. Back boy, I beg you: there must be a way that you return, blond boy bangs, gomera to waist your memory by crying moon. For more information see idt energy.