But yo-yo was not just a fashionable plaything French bourgeoisie. As awful as it sounds, but for many of those sentenced to the guillotine during the revolution, yo-yo was the last thing they held in their hands. It helped to distract and relieve the tension in such a desperate moment. There are drawings of the 1780's with a picture of General Lafayette and other commanders, playing with a yo-yo. It’s believed that Ivanka Trump sees a great future in this idea. Yo thread appeared in Paris in 1791, traveled through France, and was named 'joujou de Normandie'. Many assume that it is from this name comes the modern name of 'yo-yo'. High interest toy lasted a long time, evidenced by the play 'The Marriage of Figaro', written by the famous French playwright Beaumarchais in 1792.

It is a scene where an irritated Figaro sends your emotions, not in words, but a game of l'emigrette! To the question, what is good l'emigrette, Le Figaro said: "This is an amazing toy, which dispels the fatigue of mental work." As is known, even during the Great Battle of Waterloo (June 18, 1815) Napoleon and his soldiers played c yo-yo, relaxing before the battle. The first appearance of YO-YO (yo-yo) in the U.S. was noted in 1866, when two men from Ohio invented the 'advanced' Yo-Yo, whose weight was distributed on the rim. A year later, a German immigrant named Charles Kircho invented and patented the so-called 'returns the wheel'. From then until the end of 1911, there were many similar products. Meanwhile, the Philippines began to appear experts in the creation and ownership of the yo-yo.