The music is also an important channel to tune the auditory organ to improve pronunciation like intonation. 3) The visual Canal: What do you usually do with the visual channel is read both printed messages on paper and people messages transmitted non-verbally. Studies have shown that 80% of human communication occurs at the nonverbal meaning that human beings are basically communicates gesticulating and compliment your message with words and sentences that have a meaning or another depending on the intonation with which these are issued. Without hesitation Novelist explained all about the problem. If you pay close attention to body language to avoid having to look in the dictionary the meaning of many words. 4) The channel of writing: The writing exercise you can do much to reorganize ideas and above all to put into practice the conjugation of verbs and the construction of sentences, something essential when implementing the oral canal.

5) The oral canal: Speech at the tip of the iceberg, the final destination where we arrive after having implemented all the points before attend. At this point I recommend you do not feel ashamed if your pronunciation is not correct or if you can not conjugate verbs with ease, keep in mind that you were not able to speak your own language correctly when only takes a few months of practice and that was only over time and with the practice who are in control as you do now. Be conscious of your mistakes in your native language. If you aspire to perfection in a foreign language should first record you while you talk on your tongue, I am sure you may find errors more or less than average but you will find simple errors by the human reference conditions we have that makes us imperfect. Recommended Tools: native dictionaries: Try as far as you can use picture dictionaries for children in the language you want to learn, so you not only learn the meaning of each word but also learn many more as you explain the meaning in a very didactic, with graphic examples.

Dvd player: DVD players are a very powerful tool because they let you choose the language of the subtitles. I recommend you read English subtitles if you’re watching a film in English. Although rarely matches what is said literally to what is written for you to immerse yourself completely in the new language because it reminds you only when you are able to think of the new language will make good use of it. Internet: The Internet is a medium that offers a huge amount of tools, among which are the programs that are basically podcast radio programs which you can download and listen anytime on your, the and online dictionaries.