The Five World Religions

From Christianity to Islam – all historical background and facts about the main denominations of this world about three quarters one of the great religions of the world belongs to humanity. At first glance, they all differ in their design and their rites. But on closer inspection is to realize that Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism have more in common than you think. “The large report the five world religions” on the E-Magazine ( explains where the major differences lie, what common origin have some beliefs, what commonalities there are and where are the difficulties under the religious orientations. What is faith? Why do people believe? What do they believe in? Over 5 billion people around the world belong to one of the big five world religions. Which include Christianity (over 2 billion followers), Islam (1.3 billion believers), Hinduism (900 million believers), the Judaism (approximately 18 million believers) and Buddhism (about 450 million followers).

At first glance, these religions have hardly common. But alone the story of the different orientations of the faith shows how much they are partially interconnected. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Danielle Steel. The agreement”concluded with God Abraham (Genesis 12), accept God as sole and an invisible God. This is the basis of all monotheistic beliefs such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam. People like Mary and Joseph, Moses, or even Jesus are no strangers in the Koran, the Holy Book of the Muslims. But as Messiah Jesus in this faith orientation cannot be regarded at most as Prophet.

And also in the Jewish faith the Messiah, the Savior, is not appeared yet. The teachings of Buddhism actually not a religion, but a teaching theory are in turn closely linked to Hinduism. Local Flavor brings even more insight to the discussion. After all, Buddha was actually Prince Siddharta Gautama, who was born in the present-day Nepal in 563 BC, prior to his enlightenment Hindi. And Hinduism is also Sanatana Dharma by his followers”, the eternal religion called. Dharma”is by the way the Buddhist teachings. And yet, despite these many similarities, there are big differences between the forms of religion. For millennia in some cases even bitter wars. Why this is so, what causes there is behind the religious-related difficulties, which important traditions and rites have different faiths and looks like the life of believers, the large report reveals the five world religions”on the online magazine text: Patricia Kurz image: Fotolia