The measures of protection to the child and to adolescent is generic and specific. In accordance with Melo (2000) the generic ones say respect the action or omission of the society or the State, of the lack, omission or abuse of the parents or responsible, and the behavior of the minor, with the purpose to protect it, while the specific ones are foreseen in art. 101, interpolated propositions I the VIII, and will be determined by the competent authority. The first case foreseen in article 98 says respect to all child or adolescent who had had its right threatened or violated for action or omission of the society and the State. In this direction, these responsible ones will be able for concretion of such behaviors are committing an act of violence for not giving the due importance to the problems of its children, exactly a segment of the responsible population for the future of the nation. The implementation of serious social politics is necessary and that, beyond effect short-term, also they can reflect in the formation of these adult futures. As the foreseen case in article 98 it says respect the children or adolescents victims of the responsible parents or, either for lack, omission or abuse.

She fits to detach in this article the importance of the paper of the family in the formation of its children and adolescents, either in the education, leisure, health etc. However, this family, many times, passed for a socialization that is unaware of what it is education, social protection, leisure etc. Being thus the proper parents or responsible also they are victims of an absence of the State in what it says respect to a system of social protection of quality, fact that results, for consequence, in new generation of victims. Michael Chabon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Finally, the cited article specifies the cases of children and adolescents who commit infracionais acts placing its life or of third at risk.