For this reason above all young people should start to change their mind. The illness known popularly as “Bone loss” osteoporosis is not “Alterskrankheit”! The foundation stone for this disease is set mostly in the development phase, or even before birth. Visit Bill Landsay for more clarity on the issue. The intake of vitamin D is extremely important for pregnant women. An adequate supply of vitamin D which secures the bone health of the unborn child in the age. Many don’t know what vitamin D of underserved pregnant women occupied the high numbers. Up to 90% of pregnant women are deficient in pregnancy with vitamin D. Reasons for this are mainly the negative headlines, which warn pregnant pregnancy too much in the Sun to stay on. Here, the opposite is the case.

Little sun and thus too little vitamin D, is detrimental to the child. Every third woman and every fifth man suffer from some facts in Germany from 50 years of age osteoporosis symptoms. Worldwide, there are even 250 million people who suffer from bone loss. These figures include all ages. Even newborns can already suffer from osteoporosis. What opportunities are there to prevent osteoporosis? Vitamin D! The “sunshine vitamin” can be concern about different suppliers. Here are some ways: 1 vitamin D rich foods should be missing on any diet: fat fish (Alternatively also cod liver oil), dairy products and mushrooms. With vitamin D do not reach a sufficient supply them with food alone! You recharge “” 2.

their vitamin D budget in the spring and in the summer by enough stays in the Sun. Here especially the regularity counts. Sudden and excessive tanning, as it takes place mostly in the holiday season, stretching the body and usually goes hand in hand with sunburn. 3. a regular, moderate and mostly controlled use of solariums, delivers as much vitamin D as the natural sun. Prefer quality tanning salons with expert advice. 4. elderly people may rely on supplements to keep stable D budget their vitamin. Here a consultation should take place in advance with the doctor and the vitamin D status in the laboratory be controlled. On October 20th, World Osteoporosis Day is. All the more reason to deal with his health finally! Company description the Federal Association of tanning (BfB) is the representation of the interests of the commercial suppliers of tanning – and related services. The Association’s members are in your offering to your customers for the utmost in comfort and safety. The BfB – promotes the dissemination of information on Sun and tanning in the press and public, – supported technical and scientific research in these fields, contributes to public and private initiatives for an optimal market and professional regulations, – supports its members in the acquisition of professional qualifications and promotes innovations in the services offered.