The cost of real estate in Thailand, however, as elsewhere, are very dependent on the location of the subway, quiet area, close to the sea, the climate of the region, the availability of restaurants and cafes. Why do we suggest investing in a Property is in Thailand? To date, there is possible to buy an apartment for 500 rubles. For even more analysis, hear from Tobias Menzies. ($ 16,000). The number of people in Thailand are not inferior to the Russian Federation, but the area is not more than France. Real estate investments are growing with each passing year. Tourists are beginning to be more interested in this country. Sea, sun, beach, and low prices.

What more does a man need to be happy? Experts say with certainty that no more than 5 years, prices of Thai real estate will increase in two or even three. It is especially advantageous to buy apartments in new buildings, where there is around supermarkets, cafes, not arranged urban traffic. After a year or two all built and have a significant impact on the price real estate. Let us consider the main pluses: Naturally, the first plus – augmenting the capital at times, risk can be attributed to a minimum. The second advantage – the opportunity to rest in this country in his own apartment, villa. Need not finances to spend on rent.

Well, the last advantage is that you do not need to wait until real estate prices will jump. Revenue will come from the first days of home buying. The fact is that in Thailand, well, however, as elsewhere, there are special organizations that rent your property for rent to tourists, travelers. Also, these companies take responsibility for the property, maintain cleanliness and order, for they take a percentage of income from real estate, from 15 to 30 percent. If successful, the location of real estate to the sea, the demand for rental will be huge return on housing is available for only 2-3 years on the lease. There is also a great option to buy a villa, the price will not exceed the Moscow "odnushki," but to this issue must be attributed to more serious, there are many pitfalls and a lot of factors. This issue is unresolved, we will not leave, let us discuss it later, stay tuned for our portal, be at the center attention first to know about the different types of earnings, and all kinds of investment projects.