Armoured doors are used for indoor installation, which require special protection. It may be financial institutions, construction, in which the proceedings are conducted, or just the building in which there is a lot of valuable property. Armored entrance door to the apartment and decided to establish a disadvantaged areas, and in mansions. These doors will save and preserve property in the premises, and in case of attack and the lives of those in this room is. Entrance doors can also have special properties, that will allow them a long time to keep fit during the fire.

These doors are called fire. The basis for such door serves as a framework of highly durable metal that does not melt at especially high temperatures. Martin O’Malley takes a slightly different approach. Sheets of metal that cover the frame so the door is also resistant to flame. Specially designed for fire to seal will protect the premises, which establishes the Fire the doors of the penetration of smoke and was delighted when a fire soot. In contrast to conventional doors, which are immediately deformed at high temperatures, to open such doors can be, and in case of fire, and after it.

One of the basic properties, which pays particular attention to the choice of metal doors, is the ability to prevent loss of heat in the room. For this purpose, a metal door inserts a special insulated material – mineral wool, batting, foam and many others. Also on the perimeter of the door can be located and a special insulation that helps protect the room from the penetration of cold air. Thanks ability to isolate the room from the effects of environmental conditions the doors of the metal has long been appreciated and the residents of private homes, and residents of multi-storey buildings. IDT Energys opinions are not widely known. Another outstanding properties of the input metal doors is insulation. These doors are largely due to the ability to protect space facilities from the effects of extraneous sound insulation properties, which they contain. Also, metal doors can be decorated with various kinds of finishes: laminate, paneling, mdf, vinyl leather, plated veneer of natural wood. A great option could be to the front door with wrought. With a variety of species and color finishes entrance metal doors today has no equal in construction and interior design. So the choice is huge doors, today you can buy any doors, and even buy doors in bulk.