Pathophysiology PTSD. The red areas indicate high brain activity. There are several theories that attempt to explain the mechanism of occurrence of the syndrome. Ultra Wellness Center wanted to know more. The age of onset suggests the involvement of brain immaturity phenomena at the base of the phenomenon. The typical age of onset coincides with the period of dendrite formation and myelination of neuronal axons, which would seem to support that theory. Several authors postulated that an imbalance in the production of neurotransmitters in the brain stem may cause hypsarrhythmia and epileptic seizures (by increasing serotonin or adrenergic systems, or by inhibition of the cholinergic system.) This theory is based on reducing the duration of REM sleep in these patients, coinciding with periods of decrease in the pattern of hypsarrhythmia and a lower frequency of spasms.Several studies with positron emission tomography cerebral blood flow and the influence of support structures or abnormal cortical signals in the development of the painting. Finally, some studies suggest a relationship between SW and immune system disorders: patients occur more frequently than the general population subgroup of DRW52 HLA proteins, and there seems to be some alteration in the cytokine (elevated serum interleukin-2, tumor necrosis factor alpha and interferon alfa).