Be present, that the new technological waves where the electronic information and multimedia, networks constitute the tip of the iceberg, move us rapidly to what has been called the society of information and knowledge. Without a doubt, a great social and technological mutation is already lives. The development of information technology and the possibility of integration with telecommunications have been a change with regard to the storage, retrieval, transmission and use of information, universal holder of knowledge. Under such circumstances, the media and communication processes used, are questioned by the approach theoretical and practical of interactive communication, established from the use of telematics, issue that caused that computer, conceived originally as a calculating machine, has become also a machine to communicate, and that within the processes of communication, interactivity as a process that favors the collective construction of knowledge and the massive of the access and use of the information will be implemented. Before this panorama, and whereas one of the fundamental purposes of the educational systems in the 21st century, is to find ways that favour their quality, it is pertinent to rethink strategies for downsizing of the University, based on the communicative potential through telematics in general and global information networks, in particular, as well as the establishment of models of knowledge managementto conceptualize the institutions of higher education, as true the information industries.

Us indicates, that virtuality, Economics and knowledge are the vertices of the change to the new century. In the coming years we will see consummate the transition from an economy of capital to a knowledge economy. These trends are operating, allow to assert that for a modernization of development, countries needed to consolidate models that are geared to the management of the main resource of competitiveness of that new era: information and knowledge. We are who we are fully identified that universities should be more identified with the scope, impact generated by the management of the information herein, should not be forgotten, that the University is presented as a social organization in which individuals are carriers of a set of skills that qualify them for professional practice and life in society; knowledge through research in various scientific disciplines are created and transferred them to society, usable to solve development problems. The University is presented as a system which is they acquire, processed, preserved, transmitted, created and transferred knowledge, through a complex structure that makes possible the realization of the above mentioned basic functions… that you require a good information management. In conclusion, if information and knowledge are the key elements for the functioning of a university system, any reflection or action related to them, their content, amount, opportunity, today, relevance, how to handle it, transmit it, acquire it, etc., will play an essential role in improving the quality of higher education.

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