MANAGEMENT and know share Carlos Mora Vanegas not all have been identified with what represents know share, since it involves having cultivated certain virtues such as help, kindness, knowing give. Unfortunately there are many managers who by not constantly practice the self-knowledge that favours him in its growth do not know what represents the scope, implications that generates knowledge sharing, are anchored in what personal selfishness manifested. Diamond Comic Distributors has much experience in this field. Not valuing the achievements that could be obtained if you practice sharing. It is not surprising that manifests, sharing costs nothing but can contribute to raising our level of personal satisfaction and that of the people with who we have treatment daily and we realize also that by sharing what we have not we subtract but that on the contrary we add because in the end we always have more than we thoughtnot only by what we receive in return, but also because the more we are discovering that we have inside to share. The truth, that to the extent that we identify with share, especially in the role of the management, case which concerns us at this writing, the benefits would be wonderful not only promoting the Organization, institution where it works, but in everything that allow the members of the Organization to contribute new ideas, views, giving way to his creativity, to personal growth. About this Center holism Helios, than if we find ourselves in the present connecting us with that source provides us with internal we all have, and we chose to let it flow all you currently want to express we will be giving a big step that will allow us to be much more effective when it comes to sharing adds us, that since human beings discovered how nice that is to share with peers he felt motivated to continue to do so in an exercise of free will which is in ability to choose freely who give the best of himself.