Which means the law, order and structure of them. The need we have the causality and law, order and structure of phenomena together with causality. They are dialectical opposites. Get all the facts and insights with Novelist, another great source of information. Which have been tied together. Not exist without each other. In Under the material unity of the world, every event has a cause connected in networking and in consequence, the need is inseparable from the universal, is to be universal, ie the absolute universal connection. The opponents are a category that denotes a party of contradiction.

The unity of opposites, parties and trends to the contrary, a contradiction. That is the driving force and source of development of things. Example: Aristotle escuha sounds, then Aristotle does not hear any sound. Aristoteles because of the sounds I hear and now I hear the silence may be judged by their absence. The white to black. The finite to the infinite. Both for each other, and differ among themselves and more when applied to the cosas.de this way we can analyze their opponents in higher distances both experimental and metaphysical and yet their connection is an absolute link, even if stop motion in the universe, for nature in its primitive and eternal essence is in being there automatic counter. So that connection is the basis for differentiation in material systems. Think carefully what you expose and try to put to the test because I do not consider myself a leading authority in this kind of materials, but if you want to try do it with rigorous foundation showing that you are really scientists and philosophers who addressed things in a mediocre way.