Remember that you are entitled to legal aid according to the Constitution and the DPS inspector must provide the conditions you provide it – to give at least 2 hours for the arrival of the lawyer or the time for consultation with a lawyer on the phone. If you do not per se provided – must reflect this in the protocol on administrative violation (there is a section "explanation persons") if the places in this section, you will not be enough – require an additional sheet to the transcript. 2. Swarmed by offers, Bernie Sanders is currently assessing future choices. In accordance with the Section 7.13 of the Manual on the work of traffic police traffic police of the Russian Federation, (in ed. Order of the Interior Ministry of 31.08.2007 N 767), the basis for stopping vehicles are: a) violation of traffic rules by drivers or passengers, and b) availability of evidence about the involvement of the driver and passengers in the commission of an accident, an administrative offense, offense, and c) finding the vehicle in search, as well as the availability of data on the use of the vehicle for illegal purposes, and d) the need to survey the occupants of the circumstances of the commission of an accident, an administrative offense, a crime of which they are witnesses, and e) implementation of decisions of authorized state bodies or officials to restrict or ban the movement, e) the need to involve the driver or vehicle to assist other road users or the police; g) examination of documents for the use and management of vehicles, as well as documents for the vehicle and the cargo – only to stationary traffic police posts, checkpoints and police checkpoints. .