At all stages of the xenon lamp ignition is microprocessor-based control over the settings on the electrodes of the xenon lamp (Current consumption, voltage). The system xenon HID Xenon lamp – xenon gas and mercury salts can create a plasma discharge inside the capsule (with the help of two molybdenum electrodes), which in turn causes glow of the gas inside the capsule. Ignition transformer – an electronic amplifier, which receives control pulses from the ballast and multiplies the voltage to ignite the arc in the capsule of the xenon lamp. Ballast – the device Electronic monitoring and control. Used to initialize the arc in a xenon lamp, followed by a stabilized supply voltage to the lamp and the ignition transformer during normal operation xenon lamp. Often technically ballast and ignition transformer are performed in one case. Xenon lamps can be used in the headlights near, far and fog light.

Today xenon lamps are available with virtually all the most popular caps: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4), 9007 (HB5), N27. Standard configuration of Xenon HID Kit HID xenon light xenon includes: HID lamps on the left and the right lights – 2 pcs. The ballast on the left and right lights – 2 pcs. Set of patch cables – 2 pcs. Set bi – xenon light, designed for both the near and distant modes, includes 2 switching wires from the relay. The advantages of xenon lamps in front of halogen Xenon lamp has no filament, which is often subjected to destruction from the inevitable vibration of the lamp, and therefore vibration and increased service life to 2,000 hours 400 instead of halogen lamps.

Xenon has a 40% lower power consumption of the onboard network (saving fuel), lower heat parts of optics, as well as three-fold increase in brightness compared to a halogen lamp. Correct the use of xenon increases the active and passive safety. The light emitted from a Xenon lamp is similar to sunlight and causes of visual impairment in drivers. Robert Smith gathered all the information. Visibility at night and in rainy weather greatly improved and the quality of the reflection of light traffic signs and markings increases. Half of all nighttime automobile accidents are due to poor illumination of the road, to the same older drivers need more bright light compared to younger drivers. Comparison of characteristics of halogen and xenon lamp Xenon lamp characteristics Halogen Power Consumption 35W 55W Brightness (cd) 200 000 67 500 cd cd Illuminance (lm) 1900 3200 lm 1550 lm temperature (. K) 4200 12 000.k 3 200.k (yellow) Time (h) 2000 h 400 hours At the moment, virtually all the world's major car manufacturers are using xenon lamp HID, as standard on their vehicles. Buy Xenon and install no problem.