It may be accompanied by a decrease salaries and positions, the rejection of the traditional career and ‘rat race’. A can lead to the creation of their own business with more high income.) Architecture and design. It should be noted that in my life was more than a dozen “locations habitat “for my nearly 50 years of life, which I know myself and a few of which I do not know, because my parents have also repeatedly changed the place of family life. But I do not remember what it was for seats. I even had such a joke on this account.

When someone looks my passport and saw there a place of my birth, almost always asked: “What is this place? Where is it? “To which I invariably reply:” I do not know, was there ever. ” In general this is true, how would funny it was. After all, I lived there, only the first year of his life, almost completely unconscious, so I was “not” where I lived. 2. There is no ideal first fact that needs to be aware that somehow closer to this theme is: do not and will not be an ideal place for you existence. And not because it’s impossible, but because any apparent stable state of the physical universe depends on you. And you, like any normal person, constantly changes both externally and internally. Can not be said about the property.

Shower cubicles also closed completely, with the roof top and having a complex electrical “stuffing” whereby, in the cabin is light, remote control with radio and telephone, hydromassage and function. As the construction home, it is impossible to build without a foundation, and the cabin can not be established without a pallet. Although there are shower stalls without a pallet, but this is navryat be suitable for houses of “Soviet” type. Thus, the pan must be to withstand quite a lot of weight without bending. The bottom of the tray should preferably be a relief to steady on their feet and not slip in the shower. Tray can be as high 45-50 cm, and low – about 15, see How to choose up to you, the main right to connect the siphon, the water goes out quickly. There are 5 types of pallets for showers: metal (steel), enamel, cast iron, enamelled (now virtually no production or use) earthenware (ceramic), acrylic, trays of artificial marble.

Steel pallets are strong enough and reliable, lightweight, but also have some disadvantages: it is very strongly rattle under running water, no heat and are exposed to in time, as gradually erodes the enamel, absorbing dirt and rust. Earthenware trays are a plus resistance, but massive, and like all sanitary ware, can break. Connect with other leaders such as Malkia Cyril here. More is to stay on acrylic trays. In general, now in the Russian market plumbing to 90% dominated by sales of showers with acrylic trays. One of the main advantages of acrylic is that it “Heat”: it is rapidly heated by warm water. And also do not absorb dirt (as opposed to enamel), and if properly cared for does not turn yellow over time. Most frequently for stability and hardness of acrylic tray is used metal skeleton on the screw legs with adjustable height. Since acrylic is its lack of flexibility, by nature, so he and strengthened frame.

In addition to the pan, the frame is also used for the shower enclosure. Often shower over. Made of aluminum frame with white, color or chrome finish. Shower curtains are divided into two main types: made of plastic or Plexiglas and made of tempered safety glass. Blinds of plastic is cheaper and has some flaws: over time the plastic there are traces of soap, water and shampoos that are not washed with detergents. Therefore, if and to buy a shower corner with a plastic curtain, it is advisable to take a non-transparent and opaque. Glass curtains are more expensive but higher quality and durability. They are made of tempered glass, safe and very durable. Easy to clean detergents and respectively, and longer life. Most often, showers have sliding shutters. This is another plus for space-saving bathroom. Some shower curtains swinging corners, but they vryat a suit for small bathrooms. If you need any further information on the showers, then almost any online shop shower will provide you with it. Tell us more about your interest model, its opportunities and Guarantees. Be interested, ask and do your, albeit small bathroom a cozy and comfortable. To taking a shower, you are not only washed, but to give aesthetic pleasure from his shower and cool the equipped bathroom.