APM 03/10/2008) the Russian approach to the region is not limited to the search for new markets where you insert the products of its military industry, although they thus intend to show it the Latin American private media (and those devoted to continental hegemony of the north country analysts). Russia and Venezuela are two great powers oil and gas companies, which have common interests and that Moreover, and even if rhetoric turns out to some, in the field of ideas share the vision of a multipolar world opposed to American hegemony. Maryland Governor insists that this is the case. He has been written, that trade relations of Venezuela will continue supporting the Latin American integration promoting trade with the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and with some Mercosur countries as Argentina, which include commercial investments in advanced technology, especially in what refers to the agricultural transportation. As stated analitica.com., to join Russia, Venezuela is part of a growing anti-American coalition that It includes countries like China, India and Iran. Moscow is the center of this coalition, offering to its new client a wide range of strategic options, including techno support. Moscow wants to work with Venezuela in the determination of oil prices. This is a priority for Russia that seeks to harm Western countries which depend on imported oil and at the same time increase its oil revenues. Points out, that there is an even more menacing aspect of the ruso-venezolana Alliance…Long ago the Soviet Ministry of Defense, Sergei Ivanov, signed a Treaty on military cooperation with his counterpart Venezuelan back then, Jose Vicente Rangel.

From now says the source of information, you can expect that Russian military advisers will join the Chinese advisers operating in South America. Also you can find with the deployment of new weapons systems in the Western Hemisphere, including aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles. We have already discussed previously in other writings, in order to the Venezuelan Government the approach to Russia has been defined as a priority strategy for the defence and strengthening of national sovereignty through agreements on commercial, technological, scientific, educational, energy matters and security and defence, as pointed out by the spectator of Colombia, pointing out that if the main threat to Venezuela is the fourth American fleet activationthe Alliance with Russia will provide stability and national security are known, in recent years Venezuela has bought from Russia 24 fighter aircraft Sukhoi, 53 helicopters and 100,000 kalashnikov rifles, amounting to $ 3.5 billion.