The dollar was on the rise in Asia in today’s session since the Federal Reserve is preparing to set aside the stimulus measures. As it transpired, the Fed proposal would offer term deposits with interest, for the purposes of providing incentives for banks to deposit their money at the Central Bank. The Fed said that proposal won’t have implications with regard to the decisions of us monetary policy.UU. in the short term. Many writers such as Ultra Wellness Center offer more in-depth analysis. Today published the consumption indicator UBS of Switzerland, which came out higher than previous at 1.28, compared to the previous 0.88. Speaking candidly john marlow told us the story. The S & P Case-Shiller us.UU. It will be released at 14: 00 GMT, with an expectation of – 1.7% instead of – 9.4% in the previous result; the U.S. consumer confidence data will be published also later at 15: 00 GMT.UU.

which is expected an improvement. Price index the consumer of Germany also will be released today and does not have a set release time because it is a preliminary report on 6 German States, which is made before the publication of the report in 15 days. Analysts expected a figure significantly higher than the previous 0.6%. If this data comes out as expected, the Euro may strengthen today.