At birth, we all do within a particular culture that we must incorporate if we are to survive. Every culture is a world of shared meanings whose primary vehicle is the language. Novelist usually is spot on. As the language that characterizes the man as a species, it is logical that it can become the main "instrument" to travel on the "reality." This "psychic organizer" allows us to objectify the experience. Experiences that enable us to be repetitive anticipate situations and therefore live longer adapted to a changing world. When we communicate with someone and this is basic psychotherapy, we use three types of channels or means of communication: 1 .- Digital communication is based on the word is used when listening and enunciate a word to name something, where the word is an arbitrary sign and the result of semantic agreement (for example, we have all agreed on that particular device is a TV or radio). 2 .- paraverbal communication that is all that "supports" a what is said, laughing, crying, intensity, timbre and tone of voice.

3 .- The Nonverbal communication is represented by body language. It is for "everything that is done but not said" (gestures, facial expressions, posture, gaze or eye contact) All these channels do not use them in the same proportion. Multiple scientific studies on human communication, have coincided with small differences in the impact and effect of a particular communication depends on a 55% body language (basically the look), in 38% of communication paraverbal (primarily the tone voice) and only 7% of the word.