Ren Discardings (or Renato Cartesius, as it signed, in Latin) was born There in Haye, Tourenne, in 1596. Being of noble family, it was sending for a Jesuit college in There Flche, one of more you celebrate schools of the time. Receiving the best philosophical formation possible inside from the bases scholastic and humanist, with opening also for the study of the scientific discoveries of the time and the mathematics, nor therefore Discardings left of if feeling unsatisfied, therefore it found the traditionalistic orientation of the school in clamorous practical contrast with the world vision that appeared of the scientific development (especially in Physics and Astronomy) that it pipocava in all part. What it bothered more it was the absence of a methodology that hugged the ideas it harmonized and them with prxis that lead the scholar in a form that it made possible to it to guide itself in ' ' it searchs of verdade' '. The philosophy education, in There Flche, that was given having for model the medieval scholastic, that took the spirit of the students for past, frequently leaving it there. The result was a lack of preparation and adaptation for the problems of the time. This took Discardings to a bothering impasse.

For it the intensive study of an exceeded vision of world already it would be as to travel. ' ' But when we dedicate time excessively to travel, we finish in becoming foreign in our proper country, in way that one that is beside the point curious of the things of the past, only valuing what already it was, most of the time becomes very ignorant of the things presentes' ' (Discardings). ' ' presente' ' , at the time of Discardings, it was of the development of the empirismo, the technique of the manufacture of clocks and other instruments, of the development of the mechanics, the questioning of the clerical power, the commerce, the bloom of the capitalism.

Nostradamus, like a prophet, describes the many events that after his death affected the lives of millions of people. This includes a description of the 1917 revolution, the creation and collapse of the Soviet Union, development of the atomic bomb – and it's only a small part of his predictions. It is striking that each prediction is located depending on the year of its implementation. How can a person living in a distant and dark 16 th century, to give an exact how to create tanks and airships? It is a gift or a punishment? Nostradamus made this their ability and create great works, which became the "bible" for many of us. Numerous researchers have devoted themselves to interpreting centuriae Nostradamus.

Each work makes us think about the future of mankind, and deserves, no doubt, of great respect. The name of Michel Nostradamus, the French seer, a physician, alchemist, known for its ambiguous predictions, today's hearing, even those who never really was interested in prophecies, astrology and other mysteries of the universe. The creative legacy of Nostradamus includes several thousand quatrains (quatrains) with the predictions of the future until the end of the world. More pages are devoted to deciphering and criticism of his creations. His predictions sometimes remarkably accurate, but sometimes the true meaning is revealed only after the prophecy has come true. Explanation of his prophecies is to this day. Names Ludmila Leonovny Strelnikova and Larisa Alexandrovna Seklitovoy now familiar today to many of our countrymen. This contactees highest level to devote his life to high-end development of awareness of the humanity of his divine nature, contact with higher intelligence.

It is in this direction-oriented "people's happiness" is very good and encouraging results. Indeed, to solve this problem a person needs to understand how it can he needed to pick up the code, and for this he must decide on what he needed to build and in what direction to go. That is why the main determining factor, we have put forward the fact that people – a social being, and hence it tends to make more rapidly and to receive for his life he needs the energy, part of which he must give his Creator. After all, it turns out that we all live in energy world, and this means that people, like all other living beings is not only a consumer of energy, but also a generator. Consuming brute energy in the form of food and water, a person develops more complex forms energy, mainly related to his emotional state, created a system of human thinking. That is why a man as a supreme being on the planet Earth was created a social being, capable of creating a whole state and empire, allowing him at the expense of such complex social systems have far more opportunities for expression of both negative and positive emotions. But in all likelihood, the program person has a purpose, allowing the maximum extent possible to open up the consciousness of man – his control of the energy structure, which is key for this program. It is picking up all sorts of social clues people can achieve the status that will facilitate obtaining the body conditions, making it possible to start the mechanism of cell regeneration, opening the way to the constant rejuvenation of man.

Workshop of the Creator – offers a person the full range of assistance, support and practice. It includes psychology, which helps people organize their life, before ascending to the top the human spirit. From benign hiking for seniors and feeble people, to the peaks of the Himalayas, which are able to overcome a truly strong spirit of devotees. In the words of Sri Aurobindo on the tops of the spirit that is ” Only those who have the calling, the ability and readiness to meet any and run any risk, even at the risk of failure, has a will to progress to the complete lack of selfishness and the desire to surrender.” Man of the western world face only about the arrangement of his life. And because the main part of the exercise, systems, methods which are popular in western civilization focused on one thing: to make human life more beautiful, convenient, comfortable, so he waited for death in most favorable conditions, and most importantly to think less about what actually he has a higher meaning than caring for the family, child-rearing. Man tries to himself and others convinced that his mission – to care for family, his children, grandchildren, it is the primary meaning of his life. However, animals care for their families, their offspring, and sometimes much more tender, self-sacrificing than men.

This is a natural biological mission and it can not be principal for the person as a spiritual being, otherwise it will be possible to say that our sense of life the same as in animals. If a person declares that he is good that he cares about family and his children, so what is the merit? – If he had not doing so, he would be below the level of consciousness of animals. Man a spiritual being and he needs to spiritual fulfillment. However, one of western civilization does not know how to get it and seeks to normal, human emotions, entertainment, hobbies, pleasures to fill the spiritual thirst. There is a beautiful saying: “Of the thousands of rabbits does not work out a horse.” So here is a man of the western world is becoming more rabbits, and horses he has not. Rabbits – a normal human enjoyment. Rabbits in its own beautiful, amazing, but they were not allowed to feel the inspiration of the movement, the wind, the flight of the soul.

It can only give a horse. So that the rabbits as they would not be a man, even a thousand – not give the person the state of inspiration. If we compare this with the sex lives, then the west is of great excitation, but the orgasm is not obtained. Orgasm of the Soul and therefore, consciously or not, but such a person suffers a heart: a spiritual hunger, the thirst for spiritual and emotional experiences, states of torturing him. And by the way, the more a person becomes the rabbits – pleasures – the stronger and sharper than a spiritual thirst. and pacify her bunnies do not succeed, but will jump though a thousand, but the rabbits.