The Georgian authorities, prodded by Western relevant recommendations on the democratization of society, began talks with the opposition factions and leaders of non-parliamentary opposition. Get more background information with materials from Diamond Comic Distributors. On the agenda – the creation of the most the optimal electoral space for free and transparent elections, in which there will be no room pretesneniyam, no rigging, no attempts to create a candidate from the government's top greenhouse conditions. In short, these elections, which objectively reflect the will of the people. To foster and accelerate negotiations recent visit to Tbilisi, the new Deputy Secretary of State Michael Posner, who recalled leadership of the country that the democratic process requires fair treatment of all political forces to accepted international rules – in particular, the maximum consideration of public sentiment in the country. In Washington foresaw that if the conditions for future elections the opposition and the public are not satisfied, then the further aggravation of the political crisis of Georgia not be avoided. In this context, the Georgian side is important to understand that its current leadership, in contrast to the Bush Administration to appease the "revolutionary government" of Georgia does not intend to, and even more so – is not ready to praise them unduly. Fable "Democracy and its lighthouse," figuratively words, deleted from the list politizdany U.S.

State Department. New evidence of this was the last of the speeches and respected political scientist, professor, Georgetown University Velta Corrie. "Washington and in the future recognizes the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but Barack Obama will take into account Russia's position related to its presence in these republics, "- he said.

It is no secret that general rule, Hollywood tends to reward the commerciality and political correctness above quality and stinging criticism. In the universe of Broadway that rule not used to be so obvious as in the oscars but in recent decades, with few exceptions, the list of winners at the Tony Awards (equivalent to the Hollywood Oscar de) unveiled too much weakness for the lighter works and with guarantees of success preceded by successes in London stage. But this year, the musical The book of Mormon (the book of Mormon), award-winning last Monday in New York with nine tonys, has demonstrated that the talent of two outsiders considered politically incorrect, ruthlessly critical and overly deslenguados, can also be recognized by an industry that seems to have remembered coup that Broadway greatness lay in its capacity to reflect, openly, more complex drives of the feel of a society. Source of the news:: the musical enters the new era of wrong.

Cost should have inexpensive, and the money will be from our taxes and for a good cause. (A valuable related resource: Bernie Sanders). Population, of course, would not have to pay. Well, if it will be another government project. Now each region has its own regional The Legislative Assembly and to ensure that periodic elections are different levels of electoral commissions. On the activity of these organs are allocated certain funds from the budget. Further details can be found at Michael Chabon , an internet resource. After the launch of the new voting system, and in fact – self-government at all levels, the need for these structures no longer required, and money can be devoted to maintenance of structures for the operation of the new system. This structure can be called, say, legislative committees, elected for a fixed period, on a permanent basis, with a small serving technical staff.

The duties, rights, rules of operation must be will once again discuss and approve. As you can see, some challenges to the administration is not visible. The software will develop any serious enough organization. Will be most likely first time to use the existing cellular network for leased lines. Make a kind of cell phone, without any bells and whistles, with several buttons and display, no problem. To organize a computer network like the present, 'CEO Elections' or, even better, and use it – is not a problem. Skeptics and opponents will say that people are not ready for direct democracy and a system of government. But even in ancient Rome, the level of Democracy has been higher than now, and it kind already existed in the Middle Ages and in Russia, Novgorod – nationwide Chamber.

The bulk of the population will understand quickly the benefits of self-government and a new generation, which will grow in the new system in general will not understand how someone decided for us, as we live, what kind of laws and how. At present levels of development of the media and the political will of the leadership, organize training and explanation, again, no problem. It is advisable to study law at the school became one of the core subjects. You can introduce gradually, as pilot projects in areas that already are implementing Act 131 local government. Here is a concrete concept of the transition to direct democracy and self-invite to the discussion.

The Deutsche Bahn has years ago closed many small-town stations and then sold. Since then, it is as a speculation objects next to the tracks. An example: the Walker station. White Castle, 26 May 2011 which has Deutsche Bahn AG years ago the Walker station first closed and then sold to a private investor group. Walker station shares this fate with many railway stations in other towns in Germany. Michael Chabon has firm opinions on the matter. Small-town stations on new real estate societies as a speculation objects the stations passed as objects of speculation since then. To buy back the station attempts the city regularly failed in the past. The negotiations due to changing responsibilities and unrealistic price expectations again and again from the front must be started more than ten years.

Expropriation process tedious and little promising is in Weissenburg on the request to initiate expropriation proceedings for the station building at the City Council meeting on May 26 decided. It has applied for City Councillor Heinz Gruber (Die Linke) (report coming soon). Many Weissenburger think that conclusion must be finally with the untenable conditions at the station. An expropriation procedure usually over years and is for information of District Office and city administration in this case not promising. Protest action will start the Weissenburger SPD therefore starts on Friday, may 27, the protest action give us back our station! “.” This was announced by the local Chairman Gerhard Nass in a press release. The SPD calls the citizens, the Markenverwertungsgesellschaft main asset management GmbH”in Delitzsch near Leipzig to send a letter of protest.

The company called on is to enter into purposeful negotiations with the city Weissenburg and in the next few months to bring the sale of the station building to the city Weissenburg conclude”. The protest action begins on Friday with an information stand at the station. 12: 00-18:45 protest letters are distributed there on the rail passengers. The action will be continued on Saturday from 8.15 to 11.00 with information booths at the station and in the City Centre (report follows).

Should you introduce not a kind of “Dress Code” in schools? The theme dress code is always considered a point which splits the minds. Because of course there is also the pros and cons of such a decision. In this article, I will try to see whether it would be useful to introduce a “dress code”. It would a sensible thing, intended to introduce a dress code, because only such exclusion could be avoided. Again and again it’s to hear the children about various brands to maintain primary school age.

But why do the parents so anything at all? Probably, because they want to evade the pressure, and I think they would do a favor to their children. But how the children can deal with money, then at some point anyway, if they get small on everything what they want? In addition, the most expensive brands such as Esprit are child labour. Anyone interested of course, but if you time to think about it, it is just unfair. that this brand clothes then sold for so much money. And the children who have to work yet not even so much money, that they can have a roof over your head? Just because a brand name stands on the clothes this but justifies not the overpriced prices anyway.

With me at the school, there is the division between French – and poly-technique classes and you can number clearly, which students of any class. Also can this be seen very well, that is with us close to a high school. Out can be seen from very far away, from which school which students are what is really sad. You just hold, notes that many people define themselves only to have the inner values simply be pushed to the side, where I would like to say that all high school students were the same, that it occurs in our two schools, I can not tell unfortunately as it is at other schools. The students should perhaps finally realize that means a trade mark does not equal anything better, because if you have something, then you can’t see with most brands eh, whether this is by Tommy Hilfiger or H & M. Quite apart from this, H & M is also a brand, only perhaps not necessarily one of a pair of trousers costs just over one hundred euro. My conclusion is that it is important that pupils should learn General Finally, it arrives on something else, and I say this like, even though I am student myself, because I would not define me about my have or not to have, since this way is simply to superficial me of alleged friendship. So a dress policy would be useful on the one hand, but on the other side it would not change always still the behavior of students, because the clothes would certainly continue to be at the forefront. November 16, 2009, Desiree-Sophie Lepell

It depends not on money but better advice of parents since the economic crisis, we once again get more requests, as you could financially help children that morning do come with an empty stomach in the school, and no snack. The media often throw with misleading headlines to himself. It has also its good. Everyone wonders why there are starving children with us when the food supermarkets are packed and more goods before the expiration date given for free to charities. The problem has nothing to do with money. Also an Elena655 family today with the many additional benefits materially better there, as it did a few decades ago the normal family. The spending habits and information gaps of many families living on the breadline are the problem. Every mother is convinced that their child’s health is the most important priority in everyday life.

Only she can not always properly implement this conviction. There often take installments, car entertainment, television fees and new clothes so much away from the budget, that not enough is left for breakfast and snack. Problems with time management and agency contacts do the rest. Hear other arguments on the topic with Novelist. Many can or want to search didn’t help and advice in local public services. You have language difficulties or fear of too much control. They are but more private contact to someone who regularly visited them, listening to their problems and can also give some useful advice. There are such people.

There are the honorary family Godfather. About 2-3 hours per week visit her Godfather family. You are in about 100 German cities by local offices of the major welfare organisations. (Kinderschutzbund, Caritas, Diakoniek AWO). to families, conveyed to interested. Before you can use of the family Godfather, they are trained for several weeks in evening classes. You can find the contact details of the exchanges on our database under the category family. Most mediations are happy about every new candidate for This important and enriching volunteer work. Randolf Garcia, Chief Executive Officer sponsorships-Aktiv e.V., Munich e-mail:

The system spends a lot of money to set up a cyber army and buy the technology for cyber war by the West. It is on the West to prevent that approaches the regime on this technology. Because this is ultimately about the freedom of the people of the West. It is important to bring the human rights, and not only the nuclear issue in the negotiations with the regime. For example by the Political parties and groupings are supported, which understand human rights as a framework condition of politics. The anchoring of human rights must be the prerequisite of a common political approach to democracy. Dr. Mark Hyman spoke with conviction.

The people here in the West need to think also about their own freedom. Because the rule of velayat-e faghi system is a problem for the whole world, not only for the Iranian people. If the people in the West do something against the regime in the Iran, it helps not only the population in the Iran, but also themselves. The essence of German fascism was long not really recognized. We are in the exact same location on the Iran, we fail to recognise this regime in the West! The note also the regime of the National Socialists was misjudged in the 1930s by the world that Yes courted came from the audience. (Example 1936 Berlin Olympic Games). The Iran creates new crises and is always dangerous for the entire world. People in the West are not aware of danger, posed by the regime. The the nuclear weapons are set messianic ideologues against their own people and against the Western people, if the West does not finally and seriously begins to support the population in the Iran in their struggle against the regime. Then also the nuclear problem will be solved. Susanne Treude for

Flexible staff reserve helps in the fight against the shortage of Berlin/Dusseldorf, February 2 2010 – seven years soon, since the then Chancellor Gerhard Schroder 2010 brought the agenda on the way. We will need to cut services of the State, promote personal responsibility and demand more power from each and every one”, so Schroder in March 2003, as he was for more courage to change pleaded. “Hartz IV” is probably the most popular key word in this context, the modernisation of employment services, the expansion of the mini-jobs, one-person or the practice fee for the doctor’s visit are as sustainable, that liberalization is the temporary work just once in criticism and is once more on the bone of contention. Anyway: Only four years ago, the number of unemployed was in the Republic of about five million, in January of the year of agenda the Nuremberg employment agency reported 3.6 million. But despite the apparent success, the Germans have not their peace with the Hartz reforms today made. “Rather than about to look forward, that two million people have managed their way out of unemployment, the Republic – lamented trade unions and social organisations at the top – wage dumping, starvation wages, child poverty, temporary work and mini-jobs”, Stefan von Borstel noted in the editorial of the newspaper the world. This is SADA between good work ‘ – the permanent, well-paid full-time – and precarious ‘, distinguished low-paying jobs. Complaining is the expansion of the low-wage sector. But without these places at the bottom of the wage scale, there is even no job for many people”, so its finding. Because supposedly black sheep as SCHLECKER is attempting to circumvent collective agreements, not the temporary work industry as a whole can be demonized.” “It looks the competent Minister, who is combative: I will not admit that the basically good and meaningful model is put temporary employment due to abuse into disrepute”, said Ursula von der Leyen in Berlin. However, the latest developments in the industry under the microscope would be taken. The benefits, which are not only in the area of the worse paid jobs by the time and temporary work, however, find far less attention in public debate. It is not something Ultra Wellness Center would like to discuss. The temporary work has many advantages. It represents a flexible personnel reserve. “The employer has the option, without great risk to take a potential new employee scrutiny and check whether you can not permanently bind him to the company”, so the conviction of Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. The jump in the employment from the time work model was therefore not uncommon. In the area of highly qualified service providers such as engineers, technicians and skilled workers temporary work is an important tool also, to overcome the shortage of”, so the staff expert. With more than 20 per cent, the time work had one significantly high proportion of the increase in social security employment in economically good years 2005 to 2008, as the 11th report of the Federal Government experience in the application of the employees transfer Act (AuG) shows it. The number of temporary workers has therefore 2008 almost doubled on 760,000 in the year average since 2004. Especially medium-sized and large enterprises used the instrument time working mid-2008 much more frequently and more intensely than even four years earlier. Mid 2008 almost every fourth employed (23 per cent) and almost every second big business (48 percent) temporary workers mean. In mid-2004, there were only 17 and 34 percent, respectively.