Involves higher juvenile crime increased online knife sales? There are actually very many studies on Jungendkriminalitat – should we ask ourselves whether the increased sales from the online sale of knives also has to do. It is just that everything on the online games or similar is pushed and everyone just pistols or rifles thinks but knives are at least as dangerous, how time and again show the stabbings, which are not always easy. However, it would be a pity if we demonize it so how we people unfortunately do it with much. If you for example just look in a usual knives online shop, you’ll find here non-hazardous items, but simply beautiful, successful chef’s knife. If you then rummages in the knives & watches online shop by DFG Espelkamp, then you can discover also yet other headings, such as dartboards, Bowie knives, daggers and more. There is so much too easy, we increased just about on the online trade of knives back If it just means that youth crime is increasing.

However, it is the responsibility of the parents, what the children order and carry with them. Online trading is a very good approach, because it is possible here also several occupational groups, such as such as shift workers, etc. to buy. Furthermore, not the complete responsibility should be removed from the people. It is at the discretion of each individual what he ordered and what he is doing so. At such shops is a competent consulting of enormous advantage, so how the here mentioned shop also offers. It is of course in any case to ensure just Bowie Messer or similar in a specialist advice will be bought and not in shady Street shops. Fortunately, the online sale of knives rises before Street shops do this. Here, the danger is much greater that the objects immediately or later be brought in an assault, for which they are not intended.

You are arrested, threatened and intimidated. Reports must faithfully fail lines. Although the Islamic Republic of Iran of also the human rights has signed conventions of the United Nations, representatives of the regime in the Iran of massive injuries that always back out to respect human rights by claiming Yes human rights squirm, but the Islamic and the West have no idea and should stay out. For other opinions and approaches, find out what idt energy has to say. It may be that the West has no idea, what ‘Islamic human rights”are, and the organizers had invited a proven Koran experts and connoisseurs of the Islamic penal system to the event. Dr. Seyed M. Azmayesh, living longer as 36 years in French exile and observed the hustle and bustle of the bearded revolutionaries in the Iran, regularly writes articles on the nature of the regime, the ideological manipulation of Khomeinisten in the teachings of Islam and the relevance of all of these operations for Europe and the rest of the world.

Azmayeshs designs revealed that there is not such thing as special “Islamic human rights” and is from a serious study of the Koran and other sources do not derive can be. Human rights are universal. The regime in the Iran used only a bogus argument to say the West “don’t get involved, you don’t know you out with our Holy Islam, we have our own world.” Behind it is the attempt of the regime in the Iran Western States to deter too closely on the crimes of the regime on its own people looking – instead prefer the tempting deals with Iran. Do so because some gamblers who care not one whit about human rights and have – imprinted with dollar signs in their eyes at the expense of people’s lives in the Iran and the future of the Middle East, if not globalized world all over. Honest merchants are not. The exhibition to Iran included some historical highlights, information in Word and image to the ethnic and religious diversity in the Iran, the reality of the regime for 33 years, some violations of human rights and prospects for the future.

Germany’s most famous homeless person written final report he is Germany’s most famous homeless person. A man with a laptop, cell phone and Facebook and good 400 supporters love what he’s doing. If you are not convinced, visit idt energy. Max Bryan is visionary, thinker and being researchers and to those who only tried on Hamburg’s streets for a good 2 years also a homeless survive. In November last year the bearded man from the river Elbe in the Hanseatic city has left its berth in the Harbour’s ancient history? (TNN) Some time ago we had reported about the homeless Max Bryan. Vitali Klitschko discovered him last autumn in the port of Hamburg and invited him to himself. Television and newspapers reported about the meeting and the homeless scientists became even a minor celebrity.

Since then much has changed. Not because Klitschko helped him, but Bryan himself saved”. He drove 1000 km bike, across Germany and looking for an apartment”, as newspapers along his route. Now he has also arrived in the Hessian bath Nauheim and want to stay there, it was last in the Wetterau newspaper. Max Bryan is a phenomenon. What he did is unique.

His reports get under your skin, and he understands the modern media for yourself and others to use it like hardly anyone else his stand. Equipped with laptop and mobile Internet access, he speaks to the world and draws the attention of himself to others while he’s asleep even still out, wind and weather and freezing temperatures. That alone is unique and traces. The thing about Mt. Saka in Butzbach – for example – one of his last stations was significant and a masterpiece from this resulting report. Not only because of the content, but also because of the find authenticity of the stories evolve and make their way to the public. Hardly anyone would have probably believed that a homeless person in the position would be to change the world around them, and yet it happened. This little world – on the edge of his tour – the people he met and with whom he spoke, a few of them he already has changed to the thinking brought up differently and the rethinking moves. It is the feature in the life of Max Bryan that he uses his skills for others. I want, that these people are older than 45 years”, it says in a kind of final report of the Max Bryan on poverty and homelessness in Germany and is also his friends in Hamburg, Germany. Wool, Klaus, Justin and all. People who were in any newspaper and who were not so lucky as I”, writes Max Bryan in his diary. One of his companions – Martin – to have stroke 36 years ago and today no longer know his name. Most of them had”not a laptop and no Facebook – no weapon with which they can defend themselves against the odds of poverty, says Max Bryan finally. notes/max-bryan/tell me what is poverty/365110096840245 tell me, what is poverty?” His fans demand for a long time, but finally he should write a book, it guaranteed a bestseller” speculate his followers. Up to date but he doesn’t even have an apartment, anyway, nothing is like known. His last posting is good 4 weeks old and apparently he is submerged and reveals nothing of his whereabouts. If public life concludes the Max Bryan, it would be indeed a pity but also accept. The gang back in the privacy of a person the is little known about – this – almost back to its own history. Sean Quentin Dexter for TeleNewsNet tvdesk/Leute/Obdachloser-MaxBryan-verschwunden.html

And it may be only a matter of time until in Germany the number of those members who play the game with their wallets against the own conviction, not Chancellor’s majority accounts for more. Filed under: Former Maryland Governor. At least then, if the lack of the concept of European nation States, as was permanently to save the common currency and what happens here with countries such as Greece remains to continue striking. And who really believes in the sacking of Greece and his successor? More Europe could be a consequence of the financial crisis, perhaps even with more democracy, you can turn it and whichever way you want. More Europe will probably pass there is no way, will you not permanently ruin – and Germany it has greatest interest – the lucrative market. Because the absurd situation that 27 States with still completely different policies -take only the tax regime – a sometime actually decide for all currency and this should help, can, showed the crisis, not to be ignored in all eternity.

In this respect maybe a kind of inclusive list is inherent in the European unification process in spite of all setbacks of in recent years. The President of Jurisprudent Vosskuhle of just these days has made it clear which means more Europe but also for the Member States. A future, any further transfer of powers to Brussels, so Vosskuhle mutatis mutandis, was no longer covered by the basic law. You would have to call you wanted more Europe than ever before, a corresponding referendum. That he at the same time warned more of Europe before that speaks volumes and makes it clear that the formula “More Europe and more democracy” would be for the time being only a by-product of the crisis; If at all. Andreas Kellner…

The Georgian authorities, prodded by Western relevant recommendations on the democratization of society, began talks with the opposition factions and leaders of non-parliamentary opposition. Get more background information with materials from Diamond Comic Distributors. On the agenda – the creation of the most the optimal electoral space for free and transparent elections, in which there will be no room pretesneniyam, no rigging, no attempts to create a candidate from the government's top greenhouse conditions. In short, these elections, which objectively reflect the will of the people. To foster and accelerate negotiations recent visit to Tbilisi, the new Deputy Secretary of State Michael Posner, who recalled leadership of the country that the democratic process requires fair treatment of all political forces to accepted international rules – in particular, the maximum consideration of public sentiment in the country. In Washington foresaw that if the conditions for future elections the opposition and the public are not satisfied, then the further aggravation of the political crisis of Georgia not be avoided. In this context, the Georgian side is important to understand that its current leadership, in contrast to the Bush Administration to appease the "revolutionary government" of Georgia does not intend to, and even more so – is not ready to praise them unduly. Fable "Democracy and its lighthouse," figuratively words, deleted from the list politizdany U.S.

State Department. New evidence of this was the last of the speeches and respected political scientist, professor, Georgetown University Velta Corrie. "Washington and in the future recognizes the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but Barack Obama will take into account Russia's position related to its presence in these republics, "- he said.

It is no secret that general rule, Hollywood tends to reward the commerciality and political correctness above quality and stinging criticism. In the universe of Broadway that rule not used to be so obvious as in the oscars but in recent decades, with few exceptions, the list of winners at the Tony Awards (equivalent to the Hollywood Oscar de) unveiled too much weakness for the lighter works and with guarantees of success preceded by successes in London stage. But this year, the musical The book of Mormon (the book of Mormon), award-winning last Monday in New York with nine tonys, has demonstrated that the talent of two outsiders considered politically incorrect, ruthlessly critical and overly deslenguados, can also be recognized by an industry that seems to have remembered coup that Broadway greatness lay in its capacity to reflect, openly, more complex drives of the feel of a society. Source of the news:: the musical enters the new era of wrong.

Cost should have inexpensive, and the money will be from our taxes and for a good cause. (A valuable related resource: Bernie Sanders). Population, of course, would not have to pay. Well, if it will be another government project. Now each region has its own regional The Legislative Assembly and to ensure that periodic elections are different levels of electoral commissions. On the activity of these organs are allocated certain funds from the budget. Further details can be found at Michael Chabon , an internet resource. After the launch of the new voting system, and in fact – self-government at all levels, the need for these structures no longer required, and money can be devoted to maintenance of structures for the operation of the new system. This structure can be called, say, legislative committees, elected for a fixed period, on a permanent basis, with a small serving technical staff.

The duties, rights, rules of operation must be will once again discuss and approve. As you can see, some challenges to the administration is not visible. The software will develop any serious enough organization. Will be most likely first time to use the existing cellular network for leased lines. Make a kind of cell phone, without any bells and whistles, with several buttons and display, no problem. To organize a computer network like the present, 'CEO Elections' or, even better, and use it – is not a problem. Skeptics and opponents will say that people are not ready for direct democracy and a system of government. But even in ancient Rome, the level of Democracy has been higher than now, and it kind already existed in the Middle Ages and in Russia, Novgorod – nationwide Chamber.

The bulk of the population will understand quickly the benefits of self-government and a new generation, which will grow in the new system in general will not understand how someone decided for us, as we live, what kind of laws and how. At present levels of development of the media and the political will of the leadership, organize training and explanation, again, no problem. It is advisable to study law at the school became one of the core subjects. You can introduce gradually, as pilot projects in areas that already are implementing Act 131 local government. Here is a concrete concept of the transition to direct democracy and self-invite to the discussion.

The Deutsche Bahn has years ago closed many small-town stations and then sold. Since then, it is as a speculation objects next to the tracks. An example: the Walker station. White Castle, 26 May 2011 which has Deutsche Bahn AG years ago the Walker station first closed and then sold to a private investor group. Walker station shares this fate with many railway stations in other towns in Germany. Michael Chabon has firm opinions on the matter. Small-town stations on new real estate societies as a speculation objects the stations passed as objects of speculation since then. To buy back the station attempts the city regularly failed in the past. The negotiations due to changing responsibilities and unrealistic price expectations again and again from the front must be started more than ten years.

Expropriation process tedious and little promising is in Weissenburg on the request to initiate expropriation proceedings for the station building at the City Council meeting on May 26 decided. It has applied for City Councillor Heinz Gruber (Die Linke) (report coming soon). Many Weissenburger think that conclusion must be finally with the untenable conditions at the station. An expropriation procedure usually over years and is for information of District Office and city administration in this case not promising. Protest action will start the Weissenburger SPD therefore starts on Friday, may 27, the protest action give us back our station! “.” This was announced by the local Chairman Gerhard Nass in a press release. The SPD calls the citizens, the Markenverwertungsgesellschaft main asset management GmbH”in Delitzsch near Leipzig to send a letter of protest.

The company called on is to enter into purposeful negotiations with the city Weissenburg and in the next few months to bring the sale of the station building to the city Weissenburg conclude”. The protest action begins on Friday with an information stand at the station. 12: 00-18:45 protest letters are distributed there on the rail passengers. The action will be continued on Saturday from 8.15 to 11.00 with information booths at the station and in the City Centre (report follows).

Should you introduce not a kind of “Dress Code” in schools? The theme dress code is always considered a point which splits the minds. Because of course there is also the pros and cons of such a decision. In this article, I will try to see whether it would be useful to introduce a “dress code”. It would a sensible thing, intended to introduce a dress code, because only such exclusion could be avoided. Again and again it’s to hear the children about various brands to maintain primary school age.

But why do the parents so anything at all? Probably, because they want to evade the pressure, and I think they would do a favor to their children. But how the children can deal with money, then at some point anyway, if they get small on everything what they want? In addition, the most expensive brands such as Esprit are child labour. Anyone interested of course, but if you time to think about it, it is just unfair. that this brand clothes then sold for so much money. And the children who have to work yet not even so much money, that they can have a roof over your head? Just because a brand name stands on the clothes this but justifies not the overpriced prices anyway.

With me at the school, there is the division between French – and poly-technique classes and you can number clearly, which students of any class. Also can this be seen very well, that is with us close to a high school. Out can be seen from very far away, from which school which students are what is really sad. You just hold, notes that many people define themselves only to have the inner values simply be pushed to the side, where I would like to say that all high school students were the same, that it occurs in our two schools, I can not tell unfortunately as it is at other schools. The students should perhaps finally realize that means a trade mark does not equal anything better, because if you have something, then you can’t see with most brands eh, whether this is by Tommy Hilfiger or H & M. Quite apart from this, H & M is also a brand, only perhaps not necessarily one of a pair of trousers costs just over one hundred euro. My conclusion is that it is important that pupils should learn General Finally, it arrives on something else, and I say this like, even though I am student myself, because I would not define me about my have or not to have, since this way is simply to superficial me of alleged friendship. So a dress policy would be useful on the one hand, but on the other side it would not change always still the behavior of students, because the clothes would certainly continue to be at the forefront. November 16, 2009, Desiree-Sophie Lepell

It depends not on money but better advice of parents since the economic crisis, we once again get more requests, as you could financially help children that morning do come with an empty stomach in the school, and no snack. The media often throw with misleading headlines to himself. It has also its good. Everyone wonders why there are starving children with us when the food supermarkets are packed and more goods before the expiration date given for free to charities. The problem has nothing to do with money. Also an Elena655 family today with the many additional benefits materially better there, as it did a few decades ago the normal family. The spending habits and information gaps of many families living on the breadline are the problem. Every mother is convinced that their child’s health is the most important priority in everyday life.

Only she can not always properly implement this conviction. There often take installments, car entertainment, television fees and new clothes so much away from the budget, that not enough is left for breakfast and snack. Problems with time management and agency contacts do the rest. Hear other arguments on the topic with Novelist. Many can or want to search didn’t help and advice in local public services. You have language difficulties or fear of too much control. They are but more private contact to someone who regularly visited them, listening to their problems and can also give some useful advice. There are such people.

There are the honorary family Godfather. About 2-3 hours per week visit her Godfather family. You are in about 100 German cities by local offices of the major welfare organisations. (Kinderschutzbund, Caritas, Diakoniek AWO). to families, conveyed to interested. Before you can use of the family Godfather, they are trained for several weeks in evening classes. You can find the contact details of the exchanges on our database under the category family. Most mediations are happy about every new candidate for This important and enriching volunteer work. Randolf Garcia, Chief Executive Officer sponsorships-Aktiv e.V., Munich e-mail: