A fun soft toy, machine, on which the dreams of your baby, a kaleidoscope or a set for a young needlewoman perfectly fit into a "bag". And if it unexpectedly found not where it left the crumb, and hanging in the most unexpected places (eg, chandelier) – the delight is not the limit. Check out Michael Chabon for additional information. If you feel that your descendant dormant talent of the sculptor, help him open up – let Santa Claus put a sock in a unique gift, "cud hand." This is a special color on the basis of soft rubber, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, do not get dirty hands and does not leave stains on the wallpaper (which very important!). This is not the clay from which the mold, and just weight, stretching funny way, but no vomiting and even change color. Ingredients can easily take the form that will give him a "crazy arms" – to the delight of the future Michelangelo and his parents.

The main thing is not to allow the cat to eat and then the creation of the brilliant future of the master – this four-legged "aesthetes" for some reason really like to try on a tooth plastic mass. Older child will be surprised and delighted to discover that he was visited by … Australian Santa Claus brought him a gift of a boomerang. The one who always comes back to its owner and of which the Australian Aborigines say that one of his wing in the hands of man, but for another it keeps Heaven itself.