Each drop can do it, “And I care about my baby,” said Tati angrier than ever. a “I want to see my husband,” If you like you just told me her husband is dead, that can not be helped, “replied the doctor in the same tone of softness. “But your baby is alive and therefore must be looked after. “And who told you that I want to care? I do not want any child! I never wanted and I want it much less now that he has left without a father! – Tati said always screaming and crying. “Ma’am, now you see all too dark and can not think what he is saying, but tomorrow may regret not taking the necessary precautions so that the baby will not suffer,” he said. COVID-19 has similar goals. “I do not want this baby either today or tomorrow or ever. Can not you understand! I love my husband. Cursed me out and these ties, “he said in a scornful tone, authoritarian Tati.

“I I will if you promise to check first if you can join without fainting. If so, if you’re strong enough, I myself sit in a wheelchair and take her where her husband. I promise, “he replied in a tone that left no doubt that it was e, ell that dominated the situation and that she should accept its rules. “Take these bonds. I promise to be good. You happy? – Said with a slightly sarcastic but not shout. The first doctor called reception to ask for a wheelchair, then broke one by one the bands and helped her sit up.