The catalan Minister of Interior appear before the Parlament. He said that the objective was not evicted, but remove dangerous objects. Says that they used the violence because the campers went from passive resistance to the obstruction and hostility. Police charge of the Mossos left more than 120 wounded. It must be clear that intervention at any time was raised as an eviction of the encamped in Plaza Catalunya, has ensured this Wednesday the catalan Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, who has appeared before the Commission the Parlament inside to talk about the performance of the Mossos d police of last May 27.

A police charge 120 people were wounded. Although the conseller has lamented the wounded and victims of the Mossos load, it has justified because it considers it necessary to meet objectives. Recalling the decision of the Central Electoral Board regarding the day of reflection, Puig has said that the operation of the Mossos was anticipated to last about 2.5 hours and that they were armed with five cleaning trucks. The operation did not start too well Puig has admitted that the operation, which was only aimed at removing dangerous objects in the face to the celebration of the Champions at Canaletes, did not very well because it not calibrated the aggressiveness and violence that would react the campers. They pincharon and they deflated the wheels of trucks, between insults and assaults, he says. The Counsellor has ensured that they had legal justification to act, tried to establish dialogue with the campers without success at all times and always complied with the legal precepts, and that if used violence was because the campers went from passive resistance to the obstruction and hostility. It has also highlighted that the police never sought confrontation.

Lies, things that are not certain Puig has listed a number of untruths, in its sole discretion. Between what has crossed out of lies, things that are not true is the picture in which a Mosso lifted the baton against a disabled. The Counsellor ensures that the agent does not hit, but that dndia, despite the fact that this outraged, Sebastian Ledesma, said in an interview that the Minister is lying. It has also defined false that he assaulted journalists, photo of a beaten indigent, that one protester had been operated in the Hospital Clinic and the pictures that looks to the outraged sitting peacefully and not throwing stones or uploaded to cars patrol, such as Puig ensures what happened. It’s a lie, in his opinion, the anonymous letter from a mosso who is ashamed of his performance, the insulting comments on Twitter attributed to his person and profile of a mosso on facebook who gloried in the violence exercised. An individual who is not mosso, but an urban guard which the Barcelona City Council has already opened an information package. Restitutir the good image of the conseller Moss has assumed full political responsibility for what has happened, pledging to restore the good image of MOSS, which according to him has been damaged, and to study preventive mechanisms against violent men. Source of the news: Felip Puig: ‘I regret the wounded of this police intervention, but I think that it was necessary’