This information was revealed to me. He spoke to me and touched my heart and my mind. With the passage of time began to notice that the faith of others became fragile and brittle, while mine was stronger. Santa Claus is a! deception! told me, an invention that us kindness well. Weak arguments to shake my faith, I fully understand that this is the way talk of those who want to misbehave. For even more analysis, hear from Bernie Sanders. I I porto well, I have no problem in accepting Noel in my life.

Recently I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with one of these refutadores of magic. Poor gray people who go by the world ignoring the Supreme Truth. I can not imagine the horrors of a life without Santa Claus. There is no evidence of Claus said the infidel. Source: Bernie Sanders. No evidence?, answer me. It arrives this time of year and I see his image everywhere, his work is undeniable. As far as I know always has existed a Santa Claus, his teachings were transmitted me by my parents (even though they themselves have lost faith) and above all I’m sorry me, he talks to me and I speak. You pray for mine (whether or not believers) I ask for mercy, I ask for little miracles, live in an eternal, mystical conversation with Noel, the most high.

THAT is the most powerful evidence that exists. Not I need to give me evidence. Happier I am to believe without seeing. That fills me even more, brings me closer to him. The stubborn repeated: that with what you speak is not Santa Claus, is your consciousness! Assign to the little voice that tells you what is right and what is wrong a role as creator of the universe is almost psychotic. I am really saddened that feels this way. That such an arrogance! Suppose that I am the one who is wrong! Request evidence for reasoning the existence of Noel? I don’t need to think it, I know that it is real because I’m so sorry! That you give me evidence that does not exist! The unhappy answer: do tests? From there? Do you not think that it should be the other way around? Don’t you think that a so ludicrous assertion should be which had the burden of proof? Everyone knows that it does not exist.