? rase once a mentirosillo managed to do was chosen President of the Republic of Colombia, by beyond in the era in which the Liberal Party ruled counteract historical tradition recent imhiez of the nation, discarding estupidamente the best choice of hope represented by the young LUIS CARLOS GALAN. But the mentirosillo did not improvise. He had in mind a novel program itself can do everything, who began changing the ugly, desueto and anachronistic name our Republic by the TRANQUILANDIA. Tranquilandia because our people no longer had concerns because unemployment had fallen shockingly, inflation was absolutely controlled, all youth was educating in thousands of school or university educational centres distance of our country, poor people lived already all in houses without initial fee of the regime, and best of all, the compatriots are convinced at last that peace was not Liberal. Tranquilandia because people are accustomed to see dialogue jovial Agudelo Rios and Guaracas, supervised by the submachine guns of the second Colombian institutional army. Tranquilandia because anything we already inmuta and only commented: poor guy the President. As she wept by the earthquake of Popayan! Tranquilandia, because the country that remained after the immolation of the unique advanced thinker, expressed only embobados: so nice the the President’s speech at the burial of LARA BONILLA! Tranquilandia, because nobody wanted to be followed by inserting into the lives of others, no one wanted to continue denouncing the peculados or extortion or kidnapping. With a single televised speech the President returned to Tranquilandia Pais de las maravillas.

With a single output on television, talking with poetic, pathetic and melancholic, tone our Pinocchio President turned the country into an emporium of well used wealth and his Government in the most popular and efficient of all Latin American history. Eh! Ave maria, how good is our President that We brought up the Pope isn’t it?, is heard daily say the paisa country. People, even gone hypnotized streets after those splendid televised speeches, to look at the rivers of milk and honey that run through the streets. If you have read about john marlow already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But no, there is nothing yet.