The medical sector is approaching the patient with a more horizontal and transparent communication La Fuensanta clinic just incorporate into your website, different links to their profiles on social networks, in order to adapt to new technologies and ways of communication also the medical sector. Making an effort, despite the tough times of the market, la Fuensanta clinic want to maintain its strategy of continuous improvement, and therefore, has also opted for include new avenues of communication to streamline and bring added value to the Medical Center, creating communities with a common interest: health. Being aware of the importance that currently must be present and accessible in social networks, as part of the daily life of the majority of the people of today in our country, and wanting to offer the maximum of possibilities to all his patients, the clinic Fuensanta has improved its website to adapt to new trends in today’s society. Through this new website (, can be accessed immediately to different social networking platforms, where la Fuensanta clinic has created profiles that keep the users/clients/patients informed with clinic news and news of interest in the health sector. Also, and through these channels, la Fuensanta clinic wants to open a channel of communication so that everyone can participate in active, transparent and bi-directional way with the objective of maintaining continuous improvement which, as an objective, this medical center has always arisen.

Among these new profiles are, Facebook (follow us), LinkedIn (contact) and Google +, as well as shortcuts to communicate through e-mail of agile, simple and quick way. Through the incorporation of a search engine, you will also find necessary medical service, within the specialties of the Center (health, medicine, nutrition, surgery, aesthetics and paediatrics) and to adapt to the needs of patients, as well as quick access to the emergency service 24 hours, la Fuensanta clinic puts at the disposal of all clients. The improvement of quality, as well as the personalized attention to their patients, are the hallmarks of this Center which continues to invest what is necessary to provide the best facilities to their patients. The Fuensanta clinic belongs to a business group of Spanish private capital, dedicated to the provision of health care services, which holds concerts with more than 120 public and private sector entities in the community of Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and Castile and Leon. For more information: Clinic FUENSANTA Calle Arturo Soria, 17 28027 Madrid Tel: 914 100 200, Fax: 914 071 512 Email: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, to be or not to be. About clinic Fuensanta inaugurated in 1990, la Fuensanta clinic is located at 17 calle Arturo Soria, Madrid. On a 5,000 square meter building is found this diagnosis and treatment center which provides its services through four areas: therapeutic, diagnostic, queries external and general services and whose management is certified by standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Among its services account with the following specialties in Madrid: ophthalmology, ultrasound, radiology, clinical analysis, CT, MRI and mammograms, among others.