Many times when there is separation or divorce of a couple, the spouses are so absorbed by their disputes and quarrels that do not stop to think about the impact that this conflict could have continued to hold in their children. They are distinct areas where life and character of the child may be affected, becoming more evident that once they reach adulthood. For now, child, you may notice them more introverted and in many cases even asocial behavior. It also tends to cause a significant decrease in school performance. The fights and quarrels after separation or divorce Although it is envisaged in the couple the option of breaking it is seen as an ideal way to root out the ongoing crisis that has been deepening in the family ; continuing disputes sometimes happens after that. Indeed, it is normal that there is a resurgence in discussions since the time when the couple decides to opt for route of the separation or divorce. There are many issues that could lead to: the division of property, child custody, spousal maintenance possible for either spouse or an eventual move to another city by some, among others.

And that increase in the quarrels and fights, which often takes place in front of children, cause them great emotional stress. If they are very small, probably could not understand why Mom and Dad argue that way. If you are older, they can asume some degree of fault in the breakup. There will be a good chance that the trauma that is generated at this stage to accompany them throughout their lives, affecting their personality and friendly relations or emotional that might develop in the future. In many cases, their own children in adulthood conflict models assume that during his childhood in his parents warned. It should be avoided. Although it may sound complicated, taking into account the traumatic situation for you, eventually be possible to notice the benefits of that effort. Facing a break in a civilized manner, then you will be very helpful to all, and ensure that your children can grow up healthy and happy adults.