Peanuts and its beneficial properties. Peanuts in sugar and sesame, in yogurt and chocolate … It's all sweetness, and we are interested in something solenenkoe, stimulating the appetite. Peanuts are popular in various forms – fried, in the peanut butter, confectionery and culinary creations: they stuffed the bird, add to salads and even cold soups. Learn more at: Bernie Sanders. When there is a desire to chew on something delicious, we are drawn to the bag with nuts, which are simply cleaned, fried and sprinkled with salt. Sometimes – and even taste seasoning with the aroma of cheese, herbs or bacon.

Homeland peanut underground is not exactly known. However, archaeologists discovered it in the ancient vaults in what is now Peru, and it is believed that in the western hemisphere, this culture has appeared earlier than in the east. Ways of distribution are unclear. Although the Indians were given peanut seeds underground European colonists, they were familiar with them and before coming to America. We used to call peanuts nuts, although more correct to call him Bob.

However, the advantages of eating it all closer to the nuts, because both it and will magnify. Peanuts are unique in their biological nature: not only is it dirt, so he gets to the ground in a special way. The fact is that after pollination, the ovary grows and it becomes a fertile shoot, which grows up first and then changes direction to the soil. Upon reaching it, and drill down to the wet layer, escape form the fruit, which grows in the soil.