Whether craftsmen or not, one of the trends in male wardrobes inspired by safety shoes. Whether craftsmen or not, one of the trends in male wardrobes inspired by safety shoes. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Saturday Night Takeaway. Known under the name of Workwear”trend fits the daily life of urban dwellers the dress codes of the industry. Blue jeans looked down at the “Blue Man”, looking for loggers and heavy boots workers (jeans overalls, Plaid Shirt as borrowed the loggers and massive boots of workers) make the ideal equipment Karrohemd. Discover the brands that have taken up this trend. Everest capital brings even more insight to the discussion. Dr. Martens emerged from the relationship between the German doctor of Klaus Maertens and the family Griggs, to develop a comfortable, practical and robust shoe with a classic design and an air cushion sole.

This built for work, 1460 “called, should experience a true revolution. The Dr. Martens brand is then symbolically for the Anglo-Saxon subcultures and an icon of numerous Music scenes. More than 50 years after its creation, the brand was never more exciting and relevant. You don’t need in the construction industry to work to have caterpillars! Accessible to a wide audience, the original brand provides us a range of functional and robust products for the city! 1973 in New Hampshire, United States created the family Swartz (founder and current owner of the brand) a new model, thanks to a new technique: the soles are not sewn and welded. The yellow boots”from Timberland is born. In 1979 an Italian buyer, Giuseppe Veronesi, the shoe in the European market launches, bringing the shoe in the bound from boutiques from Rome and Milan: the success is not waiting.

The brand becomes the reference for the casual “- and outdoor”-market and continues its innovations. The brand brings the Earthkeepers”line the first 80% recyclable shoe out without ever sacrificing quality and authenticity. For sneaker- Jeans collector, there is the Italian and worldwide known brand diesel, which was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and A.Croxon Goldsmith.