Your business is to provide relevant information and at best a order of meritocratic possible, and if they do not, the surfer look elsewhere. In every business area, a customer is not cheated or treated poorly again, in that realm of the immediate, that is the Internet, perhaps the customer loyalty is more volatile. Just one click to punish poor service. It is common that Internet users a crucial results, it is common to consult various lists. The search engines do not respond well to these queries. The way in which users insert the search words or keywords influence the results. Each search engine handles its own protocol and its own syntax. The a orderliness of meritocracy are not the same, the lists are not unique.

The search engines are therefore interested in developing the first websites to appropriate the technical information about themselves in the most accurate and less ambiguous as possible, the search engines assessor a its potential clients, developed and made available through links with recommendations concerning the best technical design of web sites. + How to participate in this democracy without control is the web? The technology in the field of search engines is not static, in contrast, is already said: the crawlers vary, and algorithms are always looking to discriminate with greater accuracy the information. A single change a single progress means that websites must adjust their pegs and tune accordingly. All of those recommendations that search engines do not tire of promoting, repeat and make available to its users are called white hat SEO.