The most popular methods to achieve revenue through Internet: Google AdSense? This is the most popular right now. It's fast and simple. Additional information is available at O’Malley for President. Request an account with Google and give you a number of options for ad sizes and formats. You simply choose the colors and sizes you want, paste a code into your page where you want to have ads, and Google does the rest. Are also beginning to put Google ads in the feeds.

But watch out, Google's ads will pay more if you make a number of things. There are also other systems such as Google AdSense for testing. We'll talk more about that later. Affiliate Programs This is to put advertising affiliate products and services related to the content of your website in exchange for commissions. This is a bit more work and rolled but with the managers and Netfilia TradeDoubler and you put things a bit easier. Selling goods on Ebay Well E-bay is madness and is sold all around. If you already have a retail store do not expect to sell your E-bay products.

As E-bay is a super page already has the highest popularity and I recommend it much more than set up your own online store. Your products reach more people, the small commission are worth it. To sell products online, we also advise you to look at Froogle. Through Froogle can make known your products much faster but the bands on your own site. Sale of products or services using Google AdWords Now there are many companies struggling to emerge first in Google (and Yahoo and others) through paid advertising to sell their services and products.